Ravi Ashwin responds to an England journalist who criticizes the IPL.

Ravi Ashwin responds to an England journalist who criticizes the IPL. In the future, other international cricketing events may be cut short due to the IPL, according to Ashwin.

Lawrence Booth, an English sports journalist, criticized the Indian Premier League. By claiming that the Indian T20 League takes up one-sixth of the cricket calendar year.

In response, Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin stated that the English Premier League in football occurs for a period of six months. Ashwin also stated that there are gaps between matches and that the players only play about two games per week.

“Lawrence Booth (English journalist) tweeted about IPL fixtures. Claiming that it consumes nearly one-third of the year. ” Even the English Premier League takes place and has a nearly six-month window. “The players will have longer gaps between matches and will only have one or two matches per week. ” Ashwin said on his YouTube channel.

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Ravichandran Ashwin responds journalist: The IPL as a league has enormous potential

Ravichandran Ashwin also stated that he is unsure whether cricket will progress. To the point where the IPL will take up nearly half of the calendar year. Ashwin went on to say that the IPL is a league with a lot of potential, and that all of the game’s fans and stakeholders are aware of this. The legendary Indian bowler concluded by stating that other international cricketing events may be shortened in the future as a result of the IPL.

“Of course, cricket reaching that level will always be a huge question mark.” However, the IPL as a league has the potential to catapult cricket to that level. And all cricket viewers, cricket nations, and stakeholders are already aware of this. “Because of the IPL window, there is a possibility that other formats of international cricket or world events will be shortened,” Ravichandran Ashwin concluded.

Ravichandran Ashwin will play for the Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the 2022 edition of the IPL. The Royals selected the off-spinner for a fee of INR 5 crore.

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