Deep Dasgupta says “I’m disappointed to see the words that have been used in this saga” in IPL 2021

Deep Dasgupta says “I’m disappointed to see the words that have been used in this saga” in IPL 2021. Deep was disappointed with the language uses while expressing his opinion on the Ashwin-Morgan. Also, an on-field argument between the Kolkata Knight Riders captain and the Delhi Capitals all-rounder. They have sparked a debate among the cricketing fraternity. It is including the prominent ex-cricketers.

Ravichandran Ashwin and Eoin Morgan both reveal their thoughts behind the incident. After the termination of the match in the game. Dasgupta felt the entire concept of the “spirit of cricket” is very vague. And makes it a hard line to tread. It was the events that have unraveled. Since it took place that has particularly concerned Dasgupta. While he does not hold an issue with a person expressing their opinion. Against something, he firmly believes in the right language to do.

“My opinion can be different and I may disagree with Ashwin, and that is fine. But the words that have been used so far like ‘disgrace’ and ‘ashamed,’ are very harsh words. These are extremely, extremely harsh words. If there is only disagreement, better words could have been used,” Dasgupta said.

“Just because your thoughts are different and mine are different from yours, does not mean words like these are used. Especially from influential people and role models in cricket. Fewl weird hearing things like these from them,” Dasgupta added.

Deep Dasgupta says "I'm disappointed to see the words that have been used in this saga" in IPL 2021

Ravichandran Ashwin

According to Ravichandran Ashwin, he was called a “disgrace” by the opposition. Shane Warne used the terms “ashamed” and “disgraced” when it came to Ravichandran’s actions. Moreover, the incident follows in the footsteps of ugly on-field interactions. Dasgupta notes that as long as the spirit of the game is being mended legally. Also, there should not be an issue.

“What I think is that the rules of the game is a line, and the spirit of the cricket can be drawn anywhere inside the line, depends on you. The line is a barrier, as long as it is being drawn inside of it. Also, there should not be an issue,” Deep Dasgupta said.

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