Cricket News: MS Dhoni’s retention seems so wrong

Cricket News: MS Dhoni steps out with the game coming to a close. The date is October 10th, 2021. This initiative is first met with skepticism. Dhoni hasn’t played at his best for the past two years for no apparent reason. He is no longer a member of the international cricket team. He’s also not the terrifying figure he once was. The decision to advance his career. Ravindra Jadeja was the best finisher in the IPL before him. To some sense, it’s even tempting fate. Furthermore, this maneuver does not appear to make a lot of sense. When you consider Dhoni’s waning power and Jadeja’s emerging star. It’s easy to see why and comical. In reality, the Chennai Super Kings fans are persuaded to assume that it must be right.

Cricket News: The next several minutes will be spent on this. Dhoni ensures that his ruse succeeds. He just manages to rewind the clock enough to thrash Avesh Khan over mid-wicket. Also, Tom Curran swats away the Delhi Capitals’ challenge by providing extra cover. The discussion leading up to the game was about how CSK’s middle order had been struggling. When pushed to their limits, they could huff and puff. Those murmurs gradually evolved into quiet whispers as the encounter progressed.

Cricket News: MS Dhoni's retention seems so wrong

Chennai Super Kings

Cricket News: When Chennai Super Kings chose to keep Dhoni in the IPL for the 2022 season. There were lifted brows. Not because the former Indian captain is a shadow of his previous self. However, the franchise spent a massive 12 crore INR to retain him on board. They could have spent that much money to keep Faf du Plessis on the team. He plays franchise cricket on a regular basis and has made a name for himself. The captaincy of South African is also not a bad decision.

Lastly, Deepak Chahar and Shardul Thakur may have been targeted by Super Kings. Given that they are both at the pinnacle of their abilities, they have the potential to be retained. In recent seasons, they’ve also been important cogs in the outfit’s wheel.

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