The ICC rejected Ramiz Raja’s proposal to hold a four-nation tournament.

The ICC rejected Ramiz Raja’s proposal to hold a four-nation tournament. Ramiz Raja was adamant about hosting a four-nation tournament featuring India, Australia, England, and Pakistan.

The ICC turned down Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ramiz Raja’s proposal to resurrect the India-Pakistan rivalry through a four-nation tournament (ICC). Ramiz proposed a tournament featuring India, Australia, England, and Pakistan because these teams have a global fan base. The competition would have also generated a lot of money. The idea, however, was not approve by the governing body of cricket.

Notably, India and Pakistan have only played each other in ICC tournaments and have not played a bilateral series since 2013 due to political tensions between the two countries. However, Raja’s proposal would have been an ideal opportunity for fans to see more games between the two nations. Until the ICC declare the proposal to be in violation of the Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee.

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MPA does not permit any member country to host more than a tri-nation: Board Member

A board member explaine why the proposal rejected. Stating that the ICC’s Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee does not allow member nations to host more than a tri-nation tournament. He also mentioned that what a four-nation tournament could reduce the value of the ICC’s marquee events.

In any case, the F&CA of the ICC was oppose to this proposal. Because the MPA prohobits more than three nations. Organizing four nations every year would have devalue ICC’s own marquee events. A board member was quoted as saying by TOI.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that Raja may lose his position as PCB Chairman as a result of Imran Khan’s removal as Prime Minister of Pakistan. It should be noted= that Raja took on the role after Imran’s persistence, and he had already made many changes that were well receive by fans and experts. However, unless the new PM wants him to continue in the role, he may be force to resign.

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