Seven people were arrested in India for ‘celebrating’ Pakistan’s cricket victory.

Seven people were arrested in India for ‘celebrating’ Pakistan’s cricket victory- After a match in the T20 World Cup in Dubai.

Young Muslims face charges for ‘promoting animosity.’ Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and a senior Bharatiya Janata Party member.

Warned in a tweet that the three might face sedition charges in addition to the cyberterrorism and “promoting animosity among groups.” Allegations they faced after their detention on Wednesday.

In addition, Another prominent BJP member, federal cabinet minister Sidharth Nath Singh. Told the NDTV news channel that Uttar Pradesh police would take the harshest possible action. Against anyone who celebrated India’s loss in the T20 World Cup cricket game in Dubai on Sunday.

Showkat Ahmed Ganai, Inayat Altaf Sheikh, and Arsheed Yousuf. All from Kashmir, are engineering students at Raja Balwant Singh College in Agra.

After India’s defeat, Mohammad Shami, India’s only Muslim cricketer in the T20 team, received a deluge of internet abuse.

Pakistan’s cricket victory- Face charges for ‘promoting animosity.’

In addition for decades, the subject of some Indian Muslims cheering and clapping whenever Pakistan wins. Therefore, A cricket match has been a source of tension.

Liberals argue that Indians should be able to support whoever they want in cricket or any other field. However, that Hindu fundamentalists are exaggerating claims in order to tarnish Muslims.

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