Top 5 Popular Beach Destinations for the Traveller in India

Top 5 Popular Beach Destinations for the Traveller in India. We have a lot of Holiday that gives us time to have Travel to a destination. Like Christmas holidays and New Year, it is celebration time all over again. Of course, we celebrate all of this holiday at home with family or even with friends. While some people realize that they should try to make their best. So now let’s travel to beach destinations in India and celebrate the holidays, but HOW?

Firstly, we need to plan it and search the popular destinations you want to travel to. So if you are a beaches lover, this article is for you. And want to relax for a few days, there are many wonderful beach places in India you can visit.

Top 5 Popular Beach Destinations for the Traveller in India

1. Gokarna

  • Gokarna is in a city that might be small. But the beaches here are as beautiful and serene as Goa has. People like to visit here as they are not as crowded and are lesser expensive as well.

2. Pondicherry

  • Pondicherry Beach may offer you the touch of Mother Nature. which you can’t enjoy in your hustling and bustling work life. It has a paradise of beaches and offers a beautiful seashore ambiance and view. Also, the ancient culture of being a French Town still preserves in this city.

3. Kovalam

  • Kovalam has been the most tourists attraction ever since the 1930s. It is known as a beach town. Just because the site has three adjacent curved beaches. It is an ideal location if you want to relax in a breathtaking view.

4. Andaman

  • Andaman island beach may be an ideal beach destination in India. Moreover, to visit together with your companions and family. The magnificence of the Island has attracted visitors from all around the world.

5. Daman and Diu

  • Daman and Diu are on the southern coastline of India. It may have a beautiful number of beaches, but so does the West. Daman and Diu are famous for their magnificent beaches. This union territory was under Portuguese occupation for more than 450 years. Also, still seems to boast about it.

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