Ravichandran Ashwin says ”I have the right to decide how I want to play” in IPL 2021

Ravichandran Ashwin says ”I have the right to decide how I want to play” in IPL 2021. He has opened up on the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ debate. It’s saying he features a right to choose how he decides to play. Also, there was a heated argument between Ravichandran Ashwin and captain Eoin Morgan. Ashwin claimed a run after a throw ricocheted off Rishabh Pant’s arm. It is bringing the ‘spirit of cricket” debate back into the spotlight. Ashwin talked at length about the incident. Ashwin declared that each player has the right to play in their way. Without breaking the rules of the game. Within the most recent video on his YouTube channel.

“I have to be true to myself. I have the right to decide how I want to play. Others cannot judge me. Spirit of Cricket was established at a time when Amateur and professional Cricket formats weren’t decided,” said Ashwin.

Ravichandran Ashwin says ''I have the right to decide how I want to play" in IPL 2021

Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin recently wrote a detailed thread on the incident. Also, lambasting his critics for trying to seek the moral high ground. He clarified that he didn’t know the ball had ricocheted off Pant’s bat. But asserted that he would have taken the extra run.

In the debate around the ‘spirit of cricket’ once again. Also, got triggered when an Indian woman batters Punam Raut. And decided to walk despite the umpire adjudging her to be not out. Ashwin includes that one can’t judge an individual on the basis. The decision to walk or not walk. Because the situation a cricketer might be in varies significantly with the country.

“People in Aus, Eng, or NZ are brought up differently. For eg: An Eng player gets awarded a central contract. Suppose the player gives a random reason and steps out of the contract, he will still receive the contract money. It is not the same in India. Supply and demand are lots. If someone decides that kind of an option, their livelihood can change,” Ravichandran Ashwin added.

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