Michael Vaughan says “It was like being struck over the head” in T20 World Cup

Michael Vaughan says “It was like being struck over the head” in T20 World Cup. Vaughan has reacted to racial allegations made. Against him by former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Rafiq. Vaughan has insisted that the allegations are untrue. Also, he was left shocked after reading them. Vaughan said he didn’t see the accusations coming. Before speaking to an independent panel formed by Yorkshire. Also, to investigate Rafiq’s claims. Although he empathized with what Rafiq had to go through. He denied racial discrimination on his part.

“This hit me very hard. It was like being struck over the head with a brick. I have been involved in cricket for 30 years and have never once been accused of any remotely similar incident or disciplinary offense as a player or commentator. That the allegation came completely out of the blue and more than a decade after it was alleged to have happened made it all the more difficult to process,” Michael Vaughan said.

“I completely and categorically deny that I ever said those words. I responded to the panel by saying I was gobsmacked and that my professional legal advice was that I could not appear before a panel having had just a few hours’ notices of such serious claims made against me,” Vaughan wrote.

Michael Vaughan says "It was like being struck over the head" in T20 World Cup

Michael Vaughan

“I have nothing to hide. The ‘you lot’ comment never happened. Anyone trying to recollect words said 10 years ago will be fallible but I am adamant those words were not used. If Rafiq believes something was said at the time to upset him then that is what he believes. ” Vaughan added.

Lastly, the ongoing investigation has led the ECB to suspend Yorkshire from hosting international matches. The board has banned Gary Ballance from the selection. After an investigation report revealed he used offensive and derogatory terms for Rafiq. Moreover, Ballance admitted using racial slurs against his former Yorkshire teammate.

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