Kapil Dev speaks out on the IPL vs. Nation argument. ‘If you are passionate, there shouldn’t be any pressure’

Kapil Dev speaks out on the IPL vs. Nation argument. ‘If you are passionate, there shouldn’t be any pressure’.

“I had a passion to play. That was the difference,”

Kapil Dev said

With his abrasive comments, legendary all-rounder Kapil Dev put an end to the discussion on the high level of pressure present in the IPL and other forms. With more than 650 international wickets and 9000 international runs, Kapil is one of the best all-rounders in history.

He demonstrated his talent with an unbroken 175 in ODIs, and few bowlers could swing the ball as well as he did. The mental toughness required to play in franchise T20 leagues in all three formats has received a lot of attention in the present. Dev had a different opinion regarding the difficulties associated in hiring a mental conditioning coach, despite the fact that clubs have been choosing to do so.

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We played for fun, because there can never be pressure when there is fun: Kapil Dev

Dev thought back to his playing days and remembered how passionately he used to play. He wasn’t pleased when people admitted that the IPL is under a lot of strain. He continued by mentioning how his background in farming had a role and adding that pressure and happiness cannot coexist.

“I had a passion to play. That was the difference. I would change the subject slightly. I hear a lot on TV these days. People say ‘there’s pressure, we play IPL, there’s a lot of pressure’. I only say one thing, ‘don’t play’. What is this pressure? If you are passionate, there shouldn’t be any pressure,”

kapil said

“These ‘American words’ have come, be it pressure or depression. I don’t understand this. I am a farmer. That’s where I have come from. We played for enjoyment and where there’s enjoyment, there can’t be pressure,” he added.  Meanwhile, Kapil’s remarks seemed to have mixed reactions from the social media as even the fittest of players like Ben Stokes had retired from one format to extend his career,”

He added.

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