How to Play Win Three Cards

Win Three Cards is a card game that is available in the majority of Online Betting.  When compared to other games, it resembles both baccarat and Three Card Poker. 

Rules of Win Three Cards

  1. A single deck of cards is used to play the game.
  2. Cards are valued similarly to poker, with an ace being either high or low.
  3. Three-card hands are scored similarly to Three Card Poker, but the hand order is different.
  4. Following the betting, both a Dragon and a Phoenix hand will be dealt three cards.
  5. The two main bets are on which side, Dragon or Phoenix, will have the better hand.
  6. There are also side bets on which of the two hands has the higher poker value.
  7. From highest to lowest, the hand order is as follows:
  • Unsuited 2-3-5. This is a special hand that is highest only if beating a three of a kind. Otherwise, it is the lowest.
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Pair
  • All other

8. If both hands have the same rank, the individual cards will be used to break the tie.

9. Following are the bets available

If the Dragon has the higher hand, it pays 0.95 to 1. Ties are pushed.
If the Phoenix has the better hand, it pays 0.95 to 1. Ties are pushed.
Three of a Kind — If the higher hand is a Three of a Kind, the payout is 120 to 1.
Straight Flush — If the higher hand is a Straight Flush, the payout is 100 to 1.
Flush — A Flush pays 8 to 1 if the higher hand is also a Flush.
Straight — If the higher hand is a Straight, it pays 7 to 1.

Pair 8 Plus — Pays 2 to 1 if the better hand is a pair of nines to a three-of-a-kind. Yes, I know it’s a terrible title, but despite the title, the online rules state that wins begin with a pair of nines.

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The analysis of the Dragon and Phoenix bets is shown in the table below. The house edge in the lower right cell is 2.50 percent.

The table below summarizes my analysis of all the side bets. The house edge in the lower right cell is 2.50 percent. The house edge on side bets ranges from 9.13 percent to 56.40 percent (ouch! ), as shown in the right column.

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