Dinesh Karthik says “Shreyas Iyer and Venkatesh Iyer won’t feel judged” in IND vs NZ 2021

Dinesh Karthik accepts that in spite of their failures. Within the first India-New Zealand T20I, Shreyas Iyer and Venkatesh Iyer won’t feel “judged” or insecure. Within the Indian dressing room under the observation of Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid. Also, chasing 165 in Jaipur, India appeared to be in good spirits for the most part. However, Sharma and Yadav were both dismissed in rapid succession. The pressure had returned. Shreyas Iyer battled with his timing. As Venkatesh Iyer was making his debut. They scored a boundary with his first delivery and then lost his wicket with his second.

Additionally, their performances didn’t affect the result. And Rishabh Pant (17*) sealed the final-over chase with two balls to spare. Dinesh Karthik said both Sharma and Dravid have endured. And a lot of failure in their careers so they won’t let just one. A bad game affects Shreyas and Venkatesh’s confidence.

“Shreyas Iyer and Venkatesh Iyer, the middle-order batsmen that didn’t look as good as they would have if they had played a long inning, won’t feel so judged in this dressing room. Both the coach and the captain have seen a lot of failures and that is the biggest advantage these boys will have in the dressing room. They’ll feel rather calm and they’ll know it’s just one game… Sometimes you can feel judged and you question that ‘Am I good enough for this level?’ I think those questions won’t be the ones they’ll answer so early. It will be a very calm and easygoing dressing room,” Dinesh Karthik said.

Dinesh Karthik says "Shreyas Iyer and Venkatesh Iyer won't feel judged" in IND vs NZ 2021

Shreyas Iyer

Lastly, Shreyas Iyer’s innings were even supported by Dinesh Karthik. Also, he stated that he had no choice but to attack every ball. But on the day, things didn’t work out. If there’s anyone to blame for the match’s close call, it’s the referee. For handing away their wickets, it should be Yadav or Sharma.

“You can’t fault Shreyas Iyer for doing it because at that stage you want boundaries. If it’s not there to be hit then you probably try and hit a cut shot, a flick shot, or a cover drive but your first instinct is to hit it for a six straight over the bowler’s head or over deep mid-wicket. If you have to go by results you can fault Surya or Rohit but if you go by the process I think all of them played the right shots,” Dinesh Karthik said.

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