Cricket News: Sachin Tendulkar says “Each dot ball was incredibly valued”

Cricket News: Sachin Tendulkar is often hailed as one of the best batters. Also, to have ever played the game. However, his performances with the bat. He has contributed significantly to India’s success. And then with his tidy bowling spells on multiple events. The Little Master’s brilliant last-over heroics in the Hero Cup 1993 semi-final. Against South Africa are still etched in the memory of ardent cricket fans. Also, Tendulkar recently published a video on his YouTube channel. He gave fans a glimpse of what was going through his mind. During this critical juncture of the game. He needed to defend 6 runs off the final over against South Africa. Also, Tendulkar pointed out that he had not bowled a single over. In the match as his body and fingers were stiff.

Despite this, he was confident in his ability to bowl the final over. Also, even while under a lot of stress. Mohammad Azharuddin eventually handed him the ball for the critical over. Tendulkar only gave up 3 runs in the over, helping India to a historic victory. He stated that the crowd’s encouragement made a significant difference. The opposition batters are rattled.

“When we met in the middle, I told Azhar that I am more than happy to a bowl and I am confident that I can bowl this over. Every ball and every run mattered. But the way the crowd was with us was incredible. Each dot ball was appreciated unbelievably and that mounted pressure on them,” Sachin Tendulkar said.

Cricket News: Sachin Tendulkar says "Each dot ball was incredibly valued"

Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket News: Furthermore, Tendulkar recalls how the wicketkeeper sprang to his feet. For his first five deliveries, he too went to the stumps. However, he did instruct Yadav to stand back. Since he meant to throw a yorker on the last ball. He stated that he did not want to risk the ball falling. Also, after taking an inside edge, to the border. The final ball, interestingly enough, had an inside edge. The keeper eventually put a stop to it.

“When the last ball was to be bowled, till then the keeper was standing right up the stumps. Before the last ball, Vijay Yadav came to me to ask what did I plan on bowling. I said that I am obviously going to bowl a yorker. So we decided that the keeper has to go back,” Tendulkar said.

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