Chris Cairns says “Being able to swim and kick my legs today was like the most freeing experience I’ve ever had”

Chris Cairns is now on his way back to health. He had a stroke in his spine a few months ago and is now recovering. For the first time, Cairns was able to stand in a hydrotherapy pool without assistance. The former New Zealand cricketer described the sensation as “the most freeing I’ve ever felt.”

“Today has been the most successful day of rehab so far. It was my first time using the hydrotherapy pool, standing independently, and walking/floating up the pool! Man! I’ve heard that freedom is the soul’s oxygen, and today I felt the most free I’ve ever felt,” Chris Cairns said.

Furthermore, Chris Cairns suffered a collapse in August. He was immediately transferred to Sydney for heart surgery to combat a tear. Also, in the inner layer of the body’s main artery. Cairns subsequently suffered a spinal stroke resulting in leg paralysis. The Black Caps cricketer is currently undergoing rehabilitation. At a specialist hospital in Canberra. Cairns considers himself fortunate to be able to spend Christmas with his family. Following his aortic dissection, he suffered a spinal stroke. He had to go through four open-heart operations. Doctors were unable to save the famed all-rounder before he died.

Chris Cairns says "Being able to swim and kick my legs today was like the most freeing experience I've ever had"

Chris Cairns

Cairns told Stuff, “I’m really lucky to be here, that’s without a doubt,” Chris Cairns said.

“I had an aortic dissection, which has a high fatality rate.” One in every four people dies in the early stages. Then there was the issue of brain damage, which was high on the agenda as a result of the events. “I consider myself ahead, regardless of where I end up as a result of the spinal stroke issues,” Chris Cairns added.

Lastly, Chris Cairns is expected to leave the University of Canberra for a two-day break. Also, travel to his in-laws to celebrate Christmas. Cairns slowly tries to return to normal life again.

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