Bangladeshi batsmen’ erratic strategy against Pakistan is criticized by Wasim Akram. ‘I will make sure these guys see psychologists’

Bangladeshi batsmen’ erratic strategy against Pakistan is criticize by Wasim Akram. ‘I will make sure these guys see psychologists’. Bangladesh was eliminate from the competition after falling to Pakistan in a simulated quarterfinal on Sunday.

After suffering a devastating loss to Pakistan. The pivotal match on Sunday that guarantee the latter’s place. In the tournament’s semifinals, the Bangladeshi side was eliminate from the T20 World Cup. Wasim Akram, a former Pakistani cricketer and legendary bowler. Made a daring statement following Bangladesh’s defeat. It advising its batters to get an appointment with a psychologist in light of their haphazard strategy in a crucial match.

Following South Africa’s unexpected elimination from the World Cup. Pakistan and Bangladesh were given the opportunity to play each other in a simulate quarterfinal in Adelaide. Having gotten off to a solid start thanks to their top-order batsmen. Shakib Al Hasan’s team was in a strong position to win the game. However, a disorganized collapse caused them to lose five wickets for just 35 runs. It lowering their total to a pitiful 127 runs.

“Bangladesh have to blame themselves. They should. If I was the captain of Bangladesh team or the coach of Bangladesh team, I will make sure these guys will see psychologists. Because at one stage, Shanto was on 54 and things were going well then. They were 73 for 2 and I thought they’ll get to 160. But then Shanto stepped out and played a weird shot off Iftikhar and was bowled. If you had kept on taking singles, the score would have reached 155 comfortably,”

Akram told.

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Wasim Akram said, “You try to rotate the strike against wicket-taking bowlers”

Akram believe that the Bangladeshi hitters could have been a little more cautious and held off on hitting risky strokes while facing the top bowlers on the other team. He believe that the squad would have been in a better position if they had rotated the strike more frequently as opposed to aiming for the showpieces.

“In an international level, when you see a certain bowler was coming to bowl and you know that the opposition captain has brought him to take wickets, that’s where you don’t play a shot. You try to rotate the strike in that particular over but the Bangladesh players made up their minds to hit him and hit Shaheen only,”

He added.

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