Ashes Test: Ricky Ponting says “They’ll target his stumps”

Ashes Test: During Channel 7 commentary, Ricky Ponting called out Cameron Green’s major weakness. Ponting was then removed in the manner anticipated by the legendary cricketer. Cameron Green strolled out to bat taking after the dismissal of Travis Head. Cameron was fixed by a full delivery by Ben Stokes after playing inside the line. In the same fashion as his dismissal, the ball smacked the top of the off-stump. Also, in Gabba’s first Test. Just before Green’s wicket, during the live broadcast.

“Cam Green has made a significant shift in strategy. They’ll be more fuller and straighter, and they’ll go straight for his stumps. He starts with a wide front foot, which is a hint that he’s cautious about going LBW and doesn’t want his front foot too far beyond the line of the stumps,” Ricky Ponting said.

Ashes Test: Furthermore, the young all-rounder came into the series on the back of some solid form. He scored his maiden first-class double hundred for Western Australia. Against Queensland in the Sheffield Shield. Also, Ponting proceeded to dissect the nature of the wicket. And then offered a solution for not getting squared up and playing inside the line.

Ashes Test: Ricky Ponting says "They'll target his stumps"

Ricky Ponting

“Take a look at how wide his stance is; there’s a lot of back and across movement. With his backfoot on or outside off stump, let’s take a look at where his front foot goes. When he advances forward, he never gets outside the line of his backfoot, which forces him to square up, exposing his right hip and forcing him to play across the ball line,” Ricky Ponting said.

Ashes Test: “If you are going to do that, start with a square stance, because when you move, you have actually squared your body back up again and you will be covering off stump. All that I see there with his setup and footwork pattern is that he is so worried and almost scared of getting out LBW that it is all that he can think about,” Ponting added.

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