After being fired from LSG, Manish Pandey makes surprising revelations. -‘Never got a call, there was no real communication’ 

After being fired from LSG, Manish Pandey makes surprising revelations. -‘Never got a call, there was no real communication’. In the six IPL 2022 games that he participated in, Manish Pandey scored 88 runs.

Before the IPL mini-auction, many clubs made some daring choices. One of these choices saw the Lucknow Super Giants break ways with experienced Indian batter Manish Pandey. Manish stated how the management never contacted him before terminating his contract. Despite the fact that the middle order batter failed to capitalize on his opportunity from the previous season.

He state that he is aware of the reasoning behind the decision. And add that he is not currently in contact with any other IPL clubs. Pandey, whose performance at the IPL 2022 was subpar. Indicate that he will want to perform well for whichever club he plays for next year.

The 33 year old, however, behaved maturely and totally accepted LSG’s decision when speaking to Sportskeeda.

“I never got a call. I just got to know about it on the day the list was announced. There was no real communication, but yeah that’s alright. As players, you have to be ready. Because if you are not playing a lot of games, I understand from LSG’s point of view that they wanted to release me and get some extra money in the kitty for some other players or whatever the plan is,”

Pandey said.

“I am not in touch with any of the other teams as of now. I am just looking to perform well in these games and let’s see where destiny takes me,”

He added.

The former captain of Karnataka recently hit a half century against Assam at the CCFG in Kolkata while competing in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Pandey has scored 226 runs in the tournament’s first seven games.

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Pandey on leaving the Indian squad and losing his place – “No hard feelings there”

Manish Pandey miss his opportunity to make the team as Shreyas Iyer, Suryakumar Yadav, and Sanju Samson were add to the Indian team. Since his previous appearance against Sri Lanka in 2021, he has not been given a chance to make the team.

Speaking on the same, Pandey state that he has no animosity and is thrill to have players like Sanju Samson on the team.

“See obviously, individually I would feel a little sad about it. But I am sure, whatever calls the Indian team was taking or whoever was playing a certain number of games, I was happy for them. Sanju was batting well, so I thought he should have now gotten games and he did,”

Karnataka cricketer said.

“So no hard feelings there. But on a personal front, I would obviously want to play a lot more games and prove myself at the highest level. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Maybe see how it goes from here on,”

He added.

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