Aakash Chopra says “Some people say that IPL is responsible for global warming” in T20 World Cup 2021

Aakash Chopra says “Some people say that IPL is responsible for global warming” in T20 World Cup 2021. Chopra has released suggestions that Virat Kohli has failed in the T20 World Cup. Just because of the Indian Premier League and Chopra asserted that the IPL has benefited Indian cricket immensely. It will make Team India a better T20 outfit. Indian players featured in the second half of IPL 2021. Which ended on October 15 in the UAE. Also, began almost immediately on October 17. A few Indian players were featured in the England Test series. And flew directly to the UAE to join their franchises.

Moreover, many critics have pointed to the IPL. As a possible reason for India’s disastrous showing in the T20 World Cup 2021. However, responding to a fan query on whether the IPL has been detrimental to India’s chances at the ICC event.

“It is not as if India lost because the IPL happened. There is no guarantee that India would have won if the IPL hadn’t taken place. The IPL makes you a better player in T20 cricket, no doubt about that. IPL gives you strong financial security, it gives you a big platform and teaches you to deal with high-pressure situations. There are so many reasons that make you a better cricketer if you are part of the IPL,” Chopra stated.

Aakash Chopra says "Some people say that IPL is responsible for global warming" in T20 World Cup 2021

Aakash Chopra

However, he admitted that the Indian players have had a tough time. Due to the tight schedule, which was made worse. Also, owing to COVID-19 and bio-bubble restrictions.

“Lastly, it is a tightrope since the second half of the IPL had to be held amid all the COVID issues, otherwise everyone would have been at a loss. Players were in England in a soft bubble. They played a high-intensity series there, then there was the high-intensity IPL, and now the super high-intensity World Cup. To reduce the intensity, the scheduling was such that there was a week’s gap between two matches. But the big gap is a double-edged sword, which works against you sometimes. I won’t say we lost because of the IPL. On the contrary, I would say that you can become one of the best T20 sides due to the IPL,” Chopra said.

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