Aakash Chopra says “Of course we miss MS Dhoni the finisher” in T20 World Cup 2021

Aakash Chopra says “Of course we miss MS Dhoni the finisher” in T20 World Cup 2021. India undoubtedly misses MS Dhoni’s finishing skills, according to Chopra. In addition, the present players are still capable. Taking up his role and leading the squad forward. Fans must be patient and have faith in Kohli, Sharma, and Hardik’s abilities in the competition, he said. Chopra’s statements came in a reply to a fan’s question. On his YouTube channel, he was asked whether India, being a top-heavy team. Also, needed someone like the Chennai Super Kings captain in the lower order.

MS Dhoni is a “once-in-a-generation finisher” who will be difficult to replace. Dhoni stated that India had managed to function without him. Since his retirement, he has amassed an outstanding T20 record.

Aakash Chopra says "Of course we miss MS Dhoni the finisher" in T20 World Cup 2021

MS Dhoni

“Your point is valid because MS Dhoni is not only India’s [best] but the all-time best finisher. So if there’s such a big finisher you’ll surely miss him. But this team has worked without him, worked well, and has done brilliantly too. So I will not say India lost because they didn’t have Dhoni or a Dhoni-like finisher. Dhoni-like finisher comes once in a generation. India is playing cricket for 50 years we only had one such finisher. So if we don’t have someone like him now, it’s okay, let’s move ahead,” Aakash Chopra said.

Virat Kohli finishes the innings, Rohit does it, Hardik has been doing it so let’s be a little more patient. Of course, we miss MS Dhoni the finisher but India’s making it work without him and has maintained a good record as well,” Chopra added.

Further, India’s dependence on the top order has become the subject of debate. After Virat Kohli’s men lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets in their first World Cup 2021 game. KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma failed to provide India with a good start. They ended up with a competitive yet sub-par total of 151. Pakistan chased it down with 13 balls to spare.

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