A 32 year old guy from Pune was kidnapped and killed after failing to settle a gambling obligation on cricket.

A 32 year old guy from Pune was abducted and killed after failing to settle a gambling obligation on cricket. The deceased owing the bookmakers Rs. 28000 and was unemploye.

After being abduct last week, a 32 year old man was batter to death. Because he was unable to pay back his debts to cricket bookmakers. Nikhil Chandrashekhar Anbule, a citizen of Pune. Have previously work in the construction industry before getting involve in cricket betting. Which led the police to discover that he owe money to bookmakers.

The inquiry reveal that prior to kidnapping Anbule on November 15. The perpetrators has been repeatedly harassing him and demanding their money back. Two suspects have been taken into custody by the police: Vishal Amrale, 35, and Lahu Mane, 40. Anbule, a native of Ambegaon Budruk in Pune. Is thought to have been jobless and not involve in the construction industry.

On Monday, November 21, at the Bharti Vidyapeeth police station. His wife Harshada, who is employe with a significant international IT firm in Pune. Submitted a First Information Report (FIR) on the incident. According to the FIR, Nikhil contact Harshada early on November 16. To let her know that he has been kidnap and was being hold captive. He told her that they would not release him unless he paid off their obligation in full.

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After he was kidnapped, he was confined at a place near KK Market

“Nikhil’s friend told Harshada that her husband was abducted by some persons in a car at Ambegaon area on the night of November 15. Sometime later the family members transferred Rs 28,000 to Nikhil’s account through an online banking application. After a while Nikhil returned home and suddenly collapsed. He was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead,”

 She stated.

According to the case investigation, Nikhil used Amrale and Mane, two bookmakers, to gamble on cricket matches. The police said that in addition to threatening Nikhil. They also demanded the Rs 28,000 that he owed them. According to the authorities, the bookmakers reportedly attacked him once before November 15.

“After he was kidnapped, he was confined at a place near KK Market where he was thrashed on the back and on the chest, which led to his death. We have arrested Amrale and Mane and have launched a search for their accomplices.”

Said an officer from Bharti Vidyapeeth.

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