Vidya Malvade: India beat Australia 1-0 to reach the 1st Olympic semi-final

Vidya Malvade said that the Indian women’s team’s win. On Monday felt like an individual victory for her. India beat Australia 1-0 to reach their first-ever Olympic semi-final.

India’s women’s hockey group made history on Monday. By qualifying for the semi-finals of the Olympics. For the first time in their history. India beat Australia 1-0 within the quarter-finals to reach the final four in Tokyo.

Tunes from the motion picture. ‘Chak De! India’ was playing at the North Pitch of Oi Hockey stadium. Inside the speedy repercussions of the arrange. As the Indian players celebrated. Vidya Malvade, who played the part of India’s captain within the movie. She said that she felt as in case it was her who won the match.

“I am very grateful I got the opportunity to play the role of captain Vidya Sharma in Chak De India. This feels like a reel vs. real moment to me. It almost felt as though I have won the match, I feel so proud of the entire women’s hockey team,” Vidya Malvade told reporters.

“For us, if something went off-base amid. In the shooting, we seem always reposition ourselves. And take the shot once more, not at all like. The reality where both the weight and intensity of scoring a goal are exceptionally tall. Super pleased, enormous congrats to Rani and her group. Good luck,” she said.

Vidya Malvade: India beat Australia 1-0 to reach the 1st Olympic semi-final

Chitrashi Rawat

Chitrashi Rawat, who played the part of Komal Chautala. One of the players within the Indian group. In the motion picture, moreover saluted the Indian group. “Nowadays our girls have in genuine life beaten Australia at the Tokyo Olympics. It was a brilliant match. And I am so upbeat that our young ladies are within the semis. I wish them all the control and congrats. Trust they ‘Chak de India’ and come back,” she said.

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