Varun Kumar, Prasad, and Singh reach quarter-finals in men’s hockey

Varun Kumar, Vivek Prasad, and Harmanpreet Singh

Varun Kumar, Vivek Prasad, and Harmanpreet Singh. They scored as a dominant India. That beat Olympic champions Argentina 3-1. And fixed a spot for themselves within the best two of their gather.

They gave India a prevailing 3-1 win. Over Rio Olympics gold medallists Argentina on Thursday. India was the dominant group. All through the game, they had a scare within the fourth quarter. When Argentina leveled, India remained calm. And put two more past their rivals. India now has nine focuses in three games. They have a five-point lead over third-placed Spain. With a fair one game cleared out to play within the group.

India dominated ownership all through the first half. However, although chances came at a premium for both sides. India had 16 circle entrances. Within the begin with two quarters, as compared to Argentina’s two.

Varun Kumar, Prasad, and Singh reach quarter-finals in men's hockey

Matias Rey

In case there was a dry spell of PCs. In the first half, a flurry of those came India’s way in the third quarter. Argentina organized a one-man counterattack with Matias Rey. It was free on an objective with just the Indian keeper to beat. However, Sreejesh was up to the assignment and kept the score 0-0. Minutes afterward, India won another PC. And this time, Varun Kumar scored very thrillingly to finally give India the lead.

India kept up their mastery even the quarter might not score another goal. This came to nibble them in the fourth quarter. When Argentina changed over the primary penalty corner. That they won through Maico Casella. The game changed course after that with Argentina looking more threatening.

India splashed within the pressure. That is tossed at them and recently getting back on the attack after the 56th minute. Vivek Prasad gave India back their lead by converting a punishment corner. Within the 58th minute. And vice-captain Harmanpreet Singh at that point converted. Also another PC they won within the following minute to seal the deal.

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