Tokyo Olympics: New Medal Ceremonies Amid of Covid19 Pandemic

Thomas Bach and the IOC president said on Wednesday. They won’t be any appearing medals to competitors. The Olympics will run from July 23 to August 8. The Japanese local is also battling a rise in new cases of infections.

Tokyo Olympics: New Medal Ceremonies Amid of Covid19 Pandemic

Tokyo Olympics

Moreover, Tokyo Olympics is all set to urge underway from July 23. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are aiming to be firsts at the Games. Whereas onlookers have been prohibited from observing the activity from the stands in Tokyo. The widespread has constrained a turn to decoration ceremonies. In, to begin with, Olympic medalists will not be displayed. With decorations by dignitaries as they stand. On the platform amid award ceremonies.

Instead, the 3 medals will displays on a plate to the athletes. They point to the need to hang them around. Their claim neck before the purge stands. Moreover, there will too be no handshakes or hugs.

Tokyo Olympics: New Medal Ceremonies Amid of Covid19 Pandemic

International Olympic Committee

“The medals will not be given around the neck.” International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said on Wednesday. “They will display to the competitor on a plate. Also, the competitor will take the decoration him or herself.”

“It’ll be made sure the individual who will put the award. On the plate will do it with cleaned gloves. Also, Moderators and competitors will wear a cover. No handshakes and no hugs amid the ceremony,” he added.

Lastly, Tokyo recorded as numerous as 1,149 Covid-19 cases on July 14, the foremost in about 6 months, concurring to Reuters. Outstandingly, the Olympics will be held beneath a state of crisis forces. Also, by the Japanese government prior to this month.

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