Sjoerd Marijne proud of fight from Rani Rampal’s team at Tokyo Olympics

Speaking to India Today, India women’s hockey group. Coach Sjoerd Marijne thanked Shah Rukh Khan for his messages of support. During their campaign in Tokyo.

The Dutchman also shed light on the future guide. Saying Indian ladies have the potential. To require their game to the following organizations.

Seeing Kabir Khan’s girl’s script history. On the reel in Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster. Chak De India certainly gave goosebumps to many. But Sjoerd Marijne’s group made it happen. In flesh and blood at the Tokyo Olympics. India women’s hockey team punched over. Their weight and finished at the fourth spot. Inspiring a billion Indians back home.

Rani Rampal and her group might have lost. The bronze medal coordinate to Great Britain. On Friday but as coach Marijne said, the hockey girls have propelled. The millions with their performances at the Tokyo Olympics.

Sjoerd Marijne proud of fight from Rani Rampal's team at Tokyo Olympics

Sjoerd Marijne

Sjoerd Marijne, the Dutchman who returned the coach the women’s group. After the Commonwealth Games in 2018. It managed Rani Rampal’s side to overcome all chances. To enroll in India’s best-ever performance in women’s hockey at the Olympic Games.

After starting the campaign in Tokyo. With 3 progressive defeats, India sneaked through to the quarter-finals. In the final 8 rounds, the women’s group made the world sit up. And take notice by shocking former champions Australia 1-0.

They went down against Argentina but did not do. So without putting up a battle in the semi-final. Playing for bronze, the ladies left their all on the pitch. But fell agonizingly short of a bronze medal.

Coach Marijne, talking to India Today from Tokyo, said it’s been an inspiring journey. And even suggested Bollywood makers think around Chak De India 2.

“First of all, I am grateful for his message. He was inspiring the girls. I think it’s time for Chake De 2. That would be great. It was a joke from him and a joke from me. I hope people see it like that,” Marijne said to Khan.

Sjoerd Marijne proud of fight from Rani Rampal's team at Tokyo Olympics

Sjoerd Marijne Re-tweet a posted from Shah Rukh Khan

Meanwhile, Marijne said he will not be amplifying his contract. With the national hockey gather and would need to return. To his family after having gone through 4 years. In India with both the men and the women’s senior bunch. At different stages of his stint.

“I am not going to be there (2022 Commonwealth and Asian Games). This was the final competition. I will watch each tournament and each match live together with my family. No (won’t consider contract expansion).

“There is one thing more important in my life and that’s my family. I want to go to them. I am grateful for the period I was here. Now I wish the best for others. Now it’s for you all to take over,” Marijne said.

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