Sakura Yosozumi won gold in women’s park skateboarding in Tokyo 2020

Japan’s Sakura Yosozumi won gold. On the women’s park skateboarding occasion. Within the discipline’s debut at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday. Japan’s Kokona Hiraki took the silver medal. Whereas Britain’s Sky Brown won the bronze medal.

12 years old, Kokona Hiraki, made history. By getting to be the youngest to win an award at the Olympics game. In the meantime, Sky Brown, as of now an exceptional genius at 13. Then anticipated a Japanese medal clear by taking the bronze. It is made her the first young individual to win a medal. For her honored nation Britain at the Olympics game.

These young skaters from Japan and Britain. To take off to victory in the women’s stop competition on Wednesday. It is with hometown heroes cinching gold and silver. However, Britain’s Sky Brown took the bronze medal.

Sakura Yosozumi won gold in women's park skateboarding in Tokyo 2020

Sakura Yosozumi

Sakura Yosozumi, a 19-year old from Japan. She landed two 540 turns off the walls of the huge skate bowl. It’s turning herself one and half times in the discussion. Before landing back on her board, in her amazing. To begin with, a run, gaining the highest score of 60.09. To be a line on the top place.

All the skaters happily celebrated each other’s runs. In which with embraces and supported each other after falls. Also, giving the event the feel of they were skating among friends.

“Skateboarding is a great sport, a fun sport, please try!” Yosozumi said

On Wednesday’s result implied that Japan has so distant. To cleared three out of four gold medals in skateboarding’s Olympic debut.

The men’s stop competition, the final skateboarding occasion in Tokyo. It will take put on Thursday.

Far from the purge swimming pools of the 1970s. Southern California where this sort of skating was born. Skateboarding’s Olympic debut in Tokyo marks a turning point for the sport.

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