Sachin Tendulkar proposes modifications to ODI cricket in order to regain popularity.

Sachin Tendulkar proposes modifications to ODI cricket in order to regain popularity. There have been numerous arguments in recent years on how to keep One-Day International cricket relevant.

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary Indian cricketer, has proposed a few adjustments to the ODI format in order to achieve an equal balance between bat and ball. Over the last year, there has been much talk about how to keep ODI cricket relevant, as several players have acknowledged its dwindling appeal among fans.

Ben Stokes, England’s star all-rounder, announced his retirement from one-day international cricket last year in order to manage his workload. England ODI captain Jos Buttler has also expressed his concern with having an ODI series immediately following the T20 World Cup 2022.

Tendulkar has proposed getting away of the two new balls used in the format to allow the traditional reverse swing to be utilized again in order to make ODI cricket more interesting and crowd-friendly.

“Even in the 25th over, with two new balls, the ball is literally 12 or 13 overs old. ” There is no such thing as a reverse swing, ball discoloration, or ball softening. These elements put a lot of strain on the bowling side. There were challenges [for batters] in which one did not pick up the ball due to discoloration. Tendulkar was quoted by ESPNcricinfo as saying, “That was an advantage for a bowler.”

From overs 11-40, the 49-year-old advised adding one extra fielder outside the ring to allow spinners to bowl an aggressive line.

“In addition, with the addition of five fielders in the ring… I spoke with a number of spinners, and the general consensus is that “we cannot change our line. ” When an offspinner bowls, he must bowl a middle-stump line. Because you either have to have your deep point in the ring or bring in the long-off because on the other side. You can have three fielders in the deep and here you can only have one,” Tendulkar explained.

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‘It’s not a fair competition between two sides’ – Tendulkar’s opinion to diminish toss advantage

The coin toss has traditionally played an important part in determining the outcome of a match. To reduce the toss advantage in the game. Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar suggested breaking ODIs into two innings of 25 overs each.

“The solution, as I mentioned some time ago, is to play a 25-25 overs match. ” “It’s a 50-over match, but you bat for 25 overs. Then the other team bats for 25 overs, and you restart from where you left off after the first 25 overs. ” he continued.

“The only reason I’m saying this is that a small coin can decide the outcome of the game. ” It is no longer a contest between two parties. Conditions favor one side because the captain won the toss. As a result, it’s not a fair fight between the two teams,” Tendulkar concluded.

Sachin Tendulkar will be 50 years old on April 24, 2023. The famous cricketer has the most ODI runs (18,426), as well as the most fifties (96) and hundreds (49) in the format.

He also has the most runs in ODI World Cups, having scored 2278 runs in the tournament’s history, as well as the joint most hundreds (six). In both the 1996 and 2003 ODI World Cups, the 2011 World Cup champion finished with the most runs. He was even named Player of the Tournament after scoring 673 runs in the 2003 edition, a tournament record for most runs in a single edition.

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