RCB has one of the biggest fan base I’ve ever encountered: Chris Gayle

RCB has one of the biggest fan base I’ve ever encountered: Chris Gayle. Gayle stated that winning the 50-over World Cup is more difficult than winning the IPL.

Chris Gayle joins Robin Uthappa on ‘Home of Heroes’ to reminisce about his favorite TATA IPL memories.

Chris Gayle, who revolutionized the face of Twenty20 cricket during his remarkable career, had some of his most memorable moments in the TATA Indian Premier League. While chatting with Robin Uthappa on ‘Home of Heroes,’ accessible exclusively on JioCinema, the West Indies great expressed his everlasting affection for the Royal Challengers Bangalore supporters.

Gayle comment on his legendary 175-run innings for Bangalore against the Pune Warriors in 2013. Stated he would have achieved a double century if it hadn’t been for AB de Villiers, “AB came in and scored like 30 runs in 8 balls or something like that. I could have gotten 215 if the guys didn’t say, ‘Chris, give him the strike.’ He then went on to say that he established the criteria and that he should have always been awarded the strike.

Gayle then told a humorous anecdote about how one of his hits broke a fan’s nose.

Fortunately, the episode ended on a humorous note. “The ball bounced off the wall and struck a small girl in the nose. I rushed to the hospital right away and saw her with a bleeding nose and bloody clothing. ‘Why are you sad?’ she said. Don’t worry, there will be more sixes!’ That was incredible, man. She made me feel better by saying that even though she was in agony, she wanted me to smash more sixes. It was a heartfelt moment. The following game, every supporter held a banner that said, “Please break my nose so I may come see them in the hospital.”

Gayle’s account of the incident led him to claim that RCB supporters are the greatest in the IPL.

“RCB has one of the finest fan bases I’ve ever encountered. When the crowd at Chinnaswamy Stadium begins shouting ‘RCB! RCB!’ It’s the greatest there is. “RCB fans are the greatest.” Gayle also hailed the crowd in Chennai, while Uthappa praised Kolkata. However, the award for the finest fans was finally granted to Bangalore by their former star batter.

Gayle’s stellar career with RCB cemented him as an IPL icon, and he claims that fans still remember him from his time there. Gayle will be permanently associated with RCB for some of the best individual batting performances in the tournament’s history, despite spells in Punjab and Kolkata.

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Chris Gayle believes the 50-over World Cup is more difficult to win than the IPL

Following that, Uthappa asked Gayle a series of rapid-fire questions, during which he disclosed Rohit Sharma is his favorite batsman to watch right now. He then attempted to choose between the IPL and the World Cup in terms of which tournament is more difficult to win. “I’ll go with the World Cup. The reason for this is that, while I have never seen a World Cup final, I have attended an IPL final. I was almost there. I was staring at it from a 50-foot perspective. Is T20 acceptable? Then it’s probably the IPL, dude. If you factor in the T20 World Cup, the IPL becomes far more difficult to win. “I was thinking about the 50-over World Cup, which is what I wanted.”

Gayle delivered the ideal reaction at the conclusion of the session when Uthappa questioned him about the finest bowler he had ever faced. “He has not yet been born. Every bowler is fantastic. I’ve gone through so many that it’s impossible to pick one. There are too many excellent bowlers out there, and I have blasted far too many of them. I’m still waiting for the finest bowler to strike.”

Chris answered a few additional questions about his upbeat and humorous personality, the number of tattoos he has, and his identity as the ‘Universe Boss.’

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