Quan Hongchan: China’s diving duo wins 10m platform gold and silver

In the moment and fourth rounds, Quan Hongchan scored. An idealized 10 from all seven judges as she slipped flawlessly. Into the water, scarcely disturbing it.

China’s 14-year-old plunging genius Quan Hongchan. He claimed gold in the women’s 10-meter platform. With a near-perfect score at the Tokyo Games on Thursday. Then taking off a silver award for group mate Chen Yuxi.

China has claimed gold in all women’s plunging events. Since the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Quan, whose award looked enormous on her 143 cm (4’8″ feet) outline. Also, she made a very international debut at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre. In ruling the plunging pool all through the competition.

However, the second and fourth rounds of the game. Quan scored a perfect 10 from all seven judges. After she slipped neatly perfect into the water. Quan’s form was elegant and taut, her toes perfectly pointed. Also, she sprung off the board. With sharp movements throughout her descent moves.

Quan Hongchan: China's diving duo wins 10m platform gold and silver

Shi Tingmao

Her performance was met with resonating cheers from spectators. The counts as Shi Tingmao and Xie Siyi won. They possess plunging golds in Tokyo. And they were quickly waving the Chinese flag.

She has scored a total of 466.20. Quan got to be the moment as the youngest lady to win gold. In the event after compatriot Fu Mingxia who triumphed matured 13. At the Barcelona Games in 1992.

“Told me not to be nervous, that it doesn’t matter if I get a medal or not, and to just be myself”. Quan said to her parents before.

“Those words truly made a difference me,” Quan included, saying she arranged to eat Latino. The prevalent Chinese road nibble, to celebrate today.

Quan Hongchan: China's diving duo wins 10m platform gold and silver

Chen Yuxi

Chen, who claimed gold with Zhang Jiaqi. In the synchronized 10m stage in Tokyo. To finished moment with 425.40 focuses.

“I was very emotional. I felt like all my efforts paid off,” the 15-year-old said. “Even though I am not the champion, the silver medal meant a lot to me”. Chen Yuxi said.

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