Paul Collingwood says “When something as big as this happens” T20 World Cup

Paul Collingwood says “When something as big as this happens” T20 World Cup. Collingwood has announced that the players have talked about almost the continuous Azeem Rafiq-Yorkshire fiasco. He revealed they all appreciate a near bond and that the dressing room cultivates. In a non-discriminatory environment. Rafiq’s was a racism allegation against the Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Also, surfaced has now built a strong case. Yorkshire’s investigation report has named Gary Ballance. Ballance also admitted to using racial slurs on Rafiq. When playing alongside him for the club.

Moreover, in light of what happened to Azeem Rafiq, Paul Collingwood emphasized that they have forged a friendly environment. The assistant coach believes every individual gets respected in the Three Lions’ dressing room.

“Of course, when something as big as this is in the news you have a chat about it. But over the last few years, we’ve done a lot of work in our dressing room to make it a place that everyone wants to be. We’ve worked hard to encourage respect and unity in the dressing room and that’s a motto that we live by. Dressing rooms are special places, you spend a lot of time with each other and you go through some amazing times and you go through lots of hardships,” Collingwood said.

Paul Collingwood says "When something as big as this happens" T20 World Cup

Gary Ballance

Additionally, Gary Ballance’s indefinite suspension from the selection. And then banned Yorkshire from hosting any international matches. It was dissatisfied by the club’s failure to take stringent action based on its own report. Collingwood understands the importance of an inclusive culture. The current crop of players they have a diverse group. Hence, they continuously strive to achieve this, and Rafiq’s case is further education for them.

“Lastly, I know this group of players, and it’s very important to them that it’s an environment where people feel safe, that people enjoy most of all, and where people are relaxed. We’ve got a very diverse group of players and I know everybody feels welcome in that dressing room. It’s an education for all of us. We keep trying to improve ourselves and our environments, I think it’s important and hopefully, we can create a culture that people look at and are very proud of,” Collingwood said.

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