Online Horse Race Betting in India

Betting on horse racing is one of India’s few permitted betting events. There are a lot of Online Betting sites which offers Online Horse Race betting in India. The most famous turf for Horse Racing in India is Mahalaxmi Racecourse, although you’ll discover a range from Pune, Bangalore, Mysore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Choose the runner you think is going to win, and pay your wager as per the official starting or tote price.

Speed and sports are loved by Indians. Indian horse racing is one of those events which combines excitement with speed. Different race clubs organize horse races where you may wager on the horses. Wagers could also be places through online horse race betting providers.

You may use this same information to place a wager online in a horse races game and earn real cash if you follow similar events throughout the country.

Indian Online horse race betting, particularly in horse racing, retains the lovers of this game of horse racing stick to their places due to the excitement of this game. Online horse racing games provide a platform for horse/horse betting and winning cash rewards.

India Horse Race: Types of Horse Races

In the Indian horse racing sites, the events are being upgraded with new features and rules to ensure excitement from betting as well as spectating. Online horse racing games provide a platform for horse/horse betting and winning cash rewards. The famous types of Indian Horse Races are given as follows: –

  • Indian 1000 Guineas – The “classic” position is the first horse racing event. For those with knowledge, this was no surprise, given that the event started in 1814, but the Indian version only took place for the first time 150 years later. Every December since the beginning of its history, the legendary Mahalaxmi Racing Course houses 1000 Guineas in India. In fact, four out of five Indian classics save the Indian St. Ledger are carried out in this course.
  • Indian 2000 Guineas – The Indian 2000 Guineas horse racing event; which has been running for almost 75 years, has traditionally been one of the most significant events on the calendar. This mile-long race is conducted every year in Mumbai and is organized by the Royal Western India Turf Club.

Traditionally, the Mahalaxmi Race Course hosts it in December as a follow-up to the 1000 Guineas. Furthermore, because it is not limited to fillies, it is perhaps the more anticipated of the two. Nonetheless, only colts and fillies bred and grown in India are eligible. The historical significance of the Indian 2000 Guineas cannot be overstated.

It takes centre stage in the Triple Crown bestowment, which requires a horse to win not only that race, but also The Derby and The St ledger.

  • Indian Derby – The Indian Derby is one mile from the most controversial and awaited of the five main events and has such a fitting title. Since the McDowell Indian Derby is supposedly the largest athletic event in Indian sport in general, sponsorship does not fail. This makes it the one with the largest cash awards and not simply a sponsored event. The competition may historically be traced back to 1943, when Princess Beautiful and Jockey Jockey Edgar Britt won the file. The Indian Derby has witnessed several Nerve Shredding finishes, the most recent one won by Star Superior and Indian Superior jockey Suraj Narredu; in a thoroughbred horse race over 2,400 metres.
  • Indian Oaks – This is also called Ladies Derby, and is also regarded as one of the five traditional derby competition games. The tournament is held every year in Mumbai, India and is organized by the Royal Western India Turf Club. The Indian Oaks was originally raced before India’s Independence in 1943. There are limits on the age and breed of fillies in Indian Oaks events; and only qualified squabs are allowed that are at least four years old and thoroughbred. Pesi shroff and Ward Roberta won the last Indian oak tournament.
  • St. Leger – The McDowell Indian ST Leger was hosted in Mumbai for a time and then returned to Pune in 2011, one of the most dynamic horse running trails in India. The Indian Turf Invitation Cup Champion Adjudicate won the latest edition of the race, which took place on 23 September. The St Leger Grade 1 race is 2800 meters long and is generally held on Sunday.

Betting on a Live India Horse Race

Live betting is an outstanding service that bookies may provide for you. This function is ideal for Indian bettors since it enables you to keep up with each and every race, to receive the bigger real-time highlights of the race and to put all sorts of live betting. It gives you the nerve-wracking interest right at your home on your computer or Mobile device. For Betting through a live India Horse Race, you need to follow the following steps: –

  • Before the competition starts, go to your favorite online bookmaker.
  • Make sure that your account has funds.
  • Search the bookmaker’s live or in-play betting area.
  • Look for the event and put your bets on.
  • Watch the end of your horse for the huge payout.

Best Tracks to Bet on Horse Racing in India

For almost 100 years, Horse Betting is part of India and has since become a great location for thoroughbred horse riding. With the rise of marketing and advertising, and with the huge number of sponsors, these races have become globally recognized in many different horse races throughout India. As such, the Turf Authority of India has five categories. These organizations are responsible for staging and supporting some of the greatest races for horses in India and in the globe.

  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club in Kolkata
  • Royal Western India Turf Club, Ltd. In Mumbai
  • Madras Race Club in Chennai
  • Bangalore Turf Club Ltd. In Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad Race Club in Hyderabad and Ootacamund (Ooty)

Fixed Horse Racing Odds or Tote?

This is the first question you might be having in your mind that if you should wager on the Fixed Horse Racing Odds or Tote. Before we can guide you on this, we need to make you understand what actually they mean.

Fixed Horse Racing Odds: –

Fixed odds are a high margin product since the bookmaker is protecting itself against price volatility and pricing errors. When you place a wager on the fixed price option, you are committing to that price for the horse. It will never fluctuate (shorten or increase) after you have placed your bet, unlike a Tote or Top Fluc bet, which is reliant on other money entering the system.

Tote Odds: –

You are getting into a pool when you use the Tote. This implies that all of the money bet on each horse in the race is pooled. Following the race, everyone who backed the winner will get a part of the pool money, based on their initial bet amount. Betting in this manner differs significantly from betting with a typical bookmaker. Rather of taking against the bookie, you wager against other racing fans and bettors on the Tote.

We hope that the above description has already helped you to understand the difference; between Fixed Horse Racing Odds and Tote Odds. Now let’s get back to the initial topic; as per which you might want to know which is the better or safer option for you to place your bets on, among the Tote odds and Fixed Horse Racing Odds.

There is no simple solution to the best approach to back your favourite horse; but you should be aware that when betting on Fixed Odds, the margin is heavily stacked in the bookmaker’s favour. If you’re not sure about your evaluation and prices; Best of the Best or Best Tote are better bets; because the margins are tighter and more in your favour as a bettor. However, if you are certain that a horse’s present price is too high; you should bet it ‘Fixed Odds’ so that when the money comes in; and the horse shortens on the totes, your price is safe and secure.

Best Online Horse Race Betting Site to Choose

If you have read all the articles above now; we believe that you will be able to already choose the best online horse race betting site; or platform for yourself. But if still; you are not sure then you can trust our advice and can try your luck with the EKBET. The best part about EKBET is that you can get the signup bonus as a reward; right after you finish the registration process; and after providing all the required details in EKBET. Moreover, the EKBET’s friendly and helpful customer service support is available to help you 24/7 and not just in English but also in various regional languages of India.

Among some other insights of EKBET; there is one very important promotional offer that exists; as per which as a newly registered player in EKBET you can be eligible also to avail a welcome bonus which is 100% of your first deposited amount or top-up in your EKBET main wallet. Also, the EKBET provides you with fast withdrawal and deposit features through the most common Indian payment modes and e-wallets.

EKBET also provides personalized call assistance if you are unable to understand the instructions of the rules of Online Horse Betting in India. In addition to horse racing EKBET also provides the best online casino and sport betting options.

One of the key features of EKBET is Cashback weekly rebate. This rebate bonus is for those unlucky players which place the bets and are loosed at some stage due to their bad luck. As per the cashback rebate bonus terms, it is very easy to avail of and can be claimed on weekly basis.

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