On Jasprit Bumrah’s path to rehabilitation, Brett Lee recommends, “Don’t be lifting big weights.”

On Jasprit Bumrah’s path to rehabilitation, Brett Lee recommends, “Don’t be lifting big weights.” On the subject of fast bowler training, Brett Lee spoke extensively.

Without their talisman Jasprit Bumrah, the Indian squad will travel to the T20 World Cup in Australia. Bumrah has been rule out of the international competition due to a stress fracture. Brett Lee, a former Australian tearaway speedster and fast bowling superstar, has some words of wisdom for Jasprit Bumrah and other pacers worldwide.

In his prime, Brett Lee frightened hitters with his lightning-quick pace and persistent assault. However, the express bowler also suffered a number of terrible wounds, with his ankle being the most vulnerable part. The former cricketer, who was most recently saw playing in the second season of the Legends League Cricket, suggested pacers avoid using big weights in the gym.

“We see lots of bowlers lifting heavy weights like squats, leg press, body weights, bench press, bicep-curls … I want to make it clear gym work is important but if you want to bowl over 150ks, lean-muscle mass is the key. Don’t be lifting heavy weights, it’s slow (arm) action. You need fast-twitch muscles for fast bowling. I was 16 times my body weight, and so had six ankle operations, but it was also why I bowled fast because of pressure and power. A bit like a Pole vaulter, getting through and over your action,”

Lee explained.

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Ice baths are not Brett Lee’s favorite thing, and he thinks they are overrated.

The former Australian sports icon went on to discuss the subject further, criticizing the use of ice baths. Lee believes that ice baths are overhyped and that there is no evidence to support their efficacy. He said that under humid subcontinental settings, it may be a useful technique to reduce body temperature.

“When it comes to ice Baths, they are overrated. There is no scientific evidence to prove that they work. They are great here in India, or the subcontinent, to drop your core temperature, but if someone out there wants me to show a scientific paper on ice baths if they can prove it they can flush out nitric acid, bring it on. I reckon they are rubbish”

Lee added.

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