“Indian hockey’s success after 41 years” and name ‘Odisha’ in Tokyo 2020

How the massive sports infrastructure development by Odisha. They may soon alter the course of Indian Hockey in the close future. In the first group, the Indian hockey shirt specified any state name ‘Odisha’.

It’s been nearly 38 years since hockey India was going through a medal dry spell in Olympics, supports was pulling out indeed the government at the center was looking the other way rather than removing the group speaking to the country at the International coliseum.

It was when in 2018 not so rich state Odisha. It is driven by the previous goalie of the school hockey group. Naveen Patnaik came forward to protect Hockey India. It was the first-ever event. Where any state government had chosen to support a national group. The Odisha government marked a Rs 150 crore bargain. With Hockey India to support the men’s and women’s hockey groups. To building a hockey framework and advancing grassroots hockey. All over another 5 years process. Although at that time, many expressed shock over this move.

Following which the title ‘Odisha’ was found. It’s a place in the group India jersey.

"Indian hockey's success after 41 years" and name ‘Odisha’ in Tokyo 2020

CM Naveen Patnaik

“Investment in sports is an investment in youth. Investment in youth is an investment in the future.” This statement has become a campaigning slogan for the development of sports in the state. Patnaik had then said.

Patnaik encourages described. The game is a way of life in his state’s tribal locale. “Where children learn to walk with hockey sticks”.

This way giving the game a much-needed push. The game was losing its luster and popularity. After the defeat within the 1980 Moscow Olympic finals.

India won the bronze award in men’s hockey at Tokyo Olympics. After beating Germany 5-4 at Tokyo Olympics on Thursday.

Elated at the Indian Group winning the Olympic medal. After 41 years, Odisha Chief Serve Naveen Patnaik. Nowadays talked to the group over the phone. And saluted them for the marvelous victory.

Patnaik took to Twitter and composed. This notable win at Tokyo Olympics 2020. It will motivate an era of sportspersons. All the exceptionally best for the future.

“In the final few days, hockey has brought together. Also each Indian over the globe. The performance of the group will motivate thousands of kids. To select hockey and sports as careers. This can be the start of a modern time of Indian hockey,” he included saying thanks to the group, coaches, back staff. And Hockey India for the feat.

Odisha government has made a world-class hockey. Stadium in Bhubaneswar and successfully. Facilitated many national and worldwide competitions. Such as the Champions Trophy (2014), Hockey World League (2017). And Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup (2018).

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