How To Register In GOAWIN And Simple Guides To Be Easy


How To Register In GOAWIN gives you a sensible opportunity to play and win cash. But before you start playing you need to make an account or in other words, you need to register with us. In spite of the truth that is usually a very basic process.

How To Register In GOAWIN And Simple Guides To Be Easy
  1. GOAWIN provides you multiple options to access their website. You can also visit and register in GOAWIN through the Mobile browser and also by PC browser. In the browser upon visiting the GOAWIN homepage, you also can download the GOAWIN APP from the website. Please find the below-given picture for your reference.
How To Register In GOAWIN And Simple Guides To Be Easy

2. As you have already learned how to download the app and also what how the homepage of GOAWIN looks like in Browser, now you can proceed and click on the “Register”. You can find the highlighted area in the picture below:

3. Once you click the “Register” button as mentioned in the previous step then you will be able to move on to the next page which looks like the given picture below. In the Form, you have to fill in the required details which are needed for the registration process to make a new account for you.

Please follow the following steps:

  • Account– In this section, you have to create a username for you which should be alphanumeric. You can use even a few alphabets from your name and few numbers like for example, player123.
  • Password– The most important part of this registration is the password. So you need to be careful about putting passwords. Make it simple and easy to remember. One more thing is you should create a password with a mix of numbers and an alphabet. Example “abc12345” also you need to put special character for the safety and security.
  • Confirm Password– In this section, you only have to re-enter the same password of your choice which you have entered in the last step. As we have chosen as an example of password “abc12345” the same should be entered in this section.
  • Real name– In this section, you need to fill in your real name as a verification of your identity. So that we can assure that you’re a real human, also for the smooth transaction.
  • Phone Number– You have to provide your Phone Number which is for verification purposes. Make sure that the correct Phone Number is entered by you and consists of 10 digits.
  • Verification Code– For the verification code, you need to notice the text message on your phone. Remain active because the verification code will arrive within the seconds. This is a security feature GOAWIN has which helps to keep the malicious activates prohibited on their website.
  • Affiliate ID– This ID is provided to the agents and if you have found anything about us from any of the agents. Then you can fill the Affiliate ID upon asking the concerned Agent. But if not, you can leave it empty as well because it is merely important and Optional.
How To Register In GOAWIN And Simple Guides To Be Easy

4. For the final stage of registration. After you review the information and password you fill in and complete it all. Click the Register Button. And congrats you have already a Goawin account.

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