Gurbux Singh Olympics gold medallist: “It’s a golden day for Indian Hockey”

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics gold medallist, Gurbux Singh. He was hail India’s men’s hockey gather. The essential bronze medal on Thursday. India defeated Germany 5-4 to clinch the grant.

Not a Bronze day but Golden Day for Indian Hockey”. Gurbux Singh said, along with the Indian hockey group. They won Gold within the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. As the men’s hockey group won the Bronze medal. At another game of the Olympics in Tokyo. Singh talked exclusively to India Today. Also, sharing his positive thinking. And claiming that Indian Hockey’s golden period had started.

“A golden day has risen for Indian hockey after 40 years. We have to hold it and take it upwards from here. We have waited long enough since the 80’s that we have proven ourselves at the world stage” Gurbux Singh said,  the Indian hockey legend.

Gurbux Singh Olympics gold medallist: "It’s a golden day for Indian Hockey"

Gurbux Singh

Singh was a part of the Indian national field hockey group. That won the gold medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics. Singh was the Joint Captain at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic. They where India won a Bronze medal. And the Coach for the Indian bunch at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. For his exceptional commitment to the nation. Within the field of sports, Gurbux was given. The Arjuna Grant in the year 1966.

“The team has been working hard for the past 4 years. Their ranking has risen from 9 to 3 now and they have proved their ranking,” said Singh.

Not only around the men’s group. But Singh was also certain that the women’s group would also win Bronze. In the event that they might keep their composure.

“Not only the men’s group but moreover the way the women’s group. They have played is brilliant. The way they defeated Australia, I don’t know why. They cannot overcome Great Britain. I am confident that the women’s group will take bronze too. They got to keep composed. I am sure they will win,” said Singh.

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