Following England’s victory in the T20 World Cup, all-rounder Moeen Ali criticizes the “hectic” schedule.-‘Having game in three days is horrible’

Following England’s victory in the T20 World Cup, all-rounder Moeen Ali criticizes the “hectic” schedule.-‘Having game in three days is horrible’. Michael Clarke criticizes Moeen Ali for making a claim about England’s busy schedule.

After defeating Pakistan in the championship match of the ICC T20 Global Cup 2022 in Australia, England was declared the world T20 champions. The Three Lions must move on to their next task as they play Australia in a three-match ODI series that is set to begin on November 17. As a result, the entire unit won’t have much time to celebrate.

Moeen Ali, an all-rounder for England, expressed his disappointment with the “hectic” schedule because of the quick turnaround after the big event. In addition, the athlete expressed the desire for the team to enjoy their historic World Cup victory.

“Having a game in three days’ time, it’s horrible. But it’s better than two days’ time. If it had rained on Sunday, it would have been two days [as the reserve day would have been used]. As players, we’re kind of getting used to it now. But to give hundred percent all the time is difficult when you’re playing every two, three days,”

 Ali said.

“It’s been happening for a while. Because when we won the World Cup in 2019, we had an Ashes game two weeks later and we had a Test match against Ireland about ten days later. Those kinds of things are a shame. As a group, we want to enjoy and celebrate and have that [time] because you put so much into it. It’s not just while the tournament is going on, there’s the pre-tournament, the build-up and all that,”

He  concluded.

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Michael Clarke, a legend of Australia, criticizes Moeen Ali for calling his schedule “hectic.”

Michael Clarke, the captain of the Australia team that won the 2015 World Cup, was unimpressed by the English all-comments rounder’s and did not hold back in reacting.

“If it was playing in the T20 World Cup and then the next day get on a plane to depart for the IPL, I don’t think you’d hear anybody whinge,” 

Clarke said.

“Players can’t complain about the international schedule when they’re taking the opportunity to play domestic cricket as well for franchises for money when you can have those six or eight weeks off. Then you’d be as fresh as a daisy. I’ve obviously found that very hard,”

He added.

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