Cricket News: Zoheb Sharif says As soon as I joined the team I was called bomber

Cricket News: Zoheb Sharif has revealed further information about racial and Islamophobic abuse. During his time with the county team, he suffered. He has been a member of Essex since he was eight years old. After that, he appeared in four first-class matches. Sharif believes that the abuse he has been subjected to for the past two decades has damaged him. His destiny as a cricketer was influenced by the club. Since joining the squad shortly after the tragic 9/11 attack in New York, he has stated this. Also, because of his beliefs, he was given the nickname “Bomber” right away.

“I made my debut a day after the September 11th attacks and as soon as I joined the team I was called ‘bomber’ as a nickname which stuck,” Sharif told Sky News. “I was always referred to as a ‘bomber’. This then developed into a ‘curry muncher’,” Zoheb Sharif said.

Cricket News, “I wasn’t allowed to pray,” he said. “Sometimes I would find a place to pray in the corner of the ground away from everyone. I remember a senior figure taking me to the side and saying: ‘You can’t do that in front of everyone. You’ve got to do that away from everyone,” Sharif added.

Recently, a set of allegations has shed light. On the disturbing functioning of county clubs in England. Earlier, Rafiq accused Yorkshire cricket and Michael Vaughan of their involvement in racial abuse. While Vaughan has gone on to vehemently deny the allegations. Against him, Rafiq will present his case in front of a select committee. After Adil Rashid also supported his statement.

Cricket News: Zoheb Sharif says As soon as I joined the team I was called bomber

Zoheb Sharif

Moreover, Sharif has also gone on to divulge that even senior members at the club were at fault. He played as a batter, was told that he would never play for the first team. And no matter how well he performs. Sharif believes Essex cricket has robbed him of a potential cricket career.

“I remember sitting down towards the end of the season where I performed really well – I think the next best person was averaging in the 30s and I was in the 100s – and the only official reason I ever got was – ‘You will never play in the first team,” Zoheb Sharif said.

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