cricket betting south africaBest Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa for 2022

cricket betting south africaBest Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa for 2022

  Cricket is the second most popular sport in South Africa.?It is a game that is played with a bat and a ball on a large field which is referred to as the ground. There are two teams of 11 players each and the aim of the game is to score runs when batting and to get the batsman out when you are playing in the field. Each team also has a reserve player who is used if any player is injured during the game. The original player can return to the game once they have recovered. There are three umpires for each game and they are responsible for making decisions and upholding the rules.

  Test cricket spans over two innings. One team must bowl the other team out twice and score more runs than their opponent to win the match. In test cricket, there is no limit to the length of the innings. In one day and Twenty20 cricket matches there is a certain number of overs per inning.

  The game begins with a coin toss?and the winner gets to decide whether they will bat or field first. The batting team must score runs while the field team must bowl ten people out and close the batting team’s innings. Only ten people need to be bowled out. Batting is done in pairs. Once the first team has been bowled out the second team goes in to bat.

  The batsman must score runs and that means they must run to each other’s end of the pitch. This is one run. The batsman can do multiple runs per shot. Runs can also be scored by hitting boundaries. This will score 4 or 6 runs. There are other rules that include no balls, wide balls, byes, and leg byes. There are a number of ways that the batsman can be got out. When a bowler gets a batsman out he gets a wicket and there are a number of ways this can happen including bowled, caught, leg before wicket, stumped, run out, hit wicket, handled the ball, time out, hit the ball twice, and obstructing the field.

  There are three different types of cricket match that can be bet on.?The longest of these is the five-day Test match. These are usually the most competitive with teams battling it out over four innings. There are shorter One Day (ODI) games as well, and there is the Twenty20 format. The shorter matches allow for more excitement and a more attacking style of play. Be sure to check what type of match you are betting on before handing over your cricket betting south africaBest Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa for 2022 money.

cricket betting south africaBest cricket betting sites in South Africa

  THERE are upwards of 30 cricket betting sites based in South Africa, with these bookmakers legally allowed to operate in the country. The best cricket bookmakers will have odds on all professional matches around the world, including Tests, One-Day and T20 internationals and tournaments. The top cricket betting sites in South Africa include well-known brands such as SportingBet and Betway with these bookmaker companies featuring extensive cricket wagering. Our guide to the best cricket betting sites includes a run-down of what to expect when wagering online, plus recommendations about where to bet. Our top South African cricket betting sites for 2022 include:

  Although there are upwards of 30 different licensed online bookmakers in South Africa, only some of them are deemed to be appropriate cricket bookmakers. We look for things such as the reputation of the cricket betting site and whether player feedback is strong, what payment options they have available, the licensing they have and obviously how good their cricket coverage is.

  The best cricket bookmakers will have 100s of different markets daily on various cricket events right around the world, with these including all of the T20 competitions that draw huge betting interest. These include the Indian Premier League, Mzansi Super League and Australia’s Big Bash League.

  The bet types also play an important factor in choosing good cricket betting sites in South Africa, with some betting sites outshining their counterparts. For instance some of the smaller betting operators have a web presence for sports betting, but it’s minuscule in comparison to big operators that will cover every professional sports or racing event. This sentiment is the same for cricket betting sites, with some just covering the sport better than others.

  Some cricket betting sites to check out include:

  Betway South Africa






  All SA betting sites

  The best online betting sites for cricket all cater to mobile phone users, with this the most popular way to bet on sports in South Africa in 2022. This includes via betting apps, with many of the sports betting sites having downloadable apps for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

  But cricket betting apps are not essential to bet on mobile; it is possible to visit the top mobile betting sites via your normal internet browser.

  In terms of service, you will find all of the cricket betting markets and odds available via mobile betting means, although sometimes some payment options and customer service live chat options are limited on touch screen devices.

  Overall though, you will find that South African bookies cater well to cricket fans who want to bet on smartphones.

  All of the top cricket betting in South Africa run promotions for new players, with these often taking the form of bonus bets or free bets. This is a good way to have a look at what the site offers, before spending your own money. Check out Betway SA free bet.

  Some of the cricket betting sites even have a FICA bonus, which is given out after you verify your account, which is part of all licensing requirements at online bookmakers in South Africa.

  Often when the bigger cricket events in South Africa are happening, betting sites will run promotions surrounding events, including things such as boosted odds on certain players and cash-back offers.

  The World Gambling List will keep our South African readers informed on this page, about the latest happenings at the best cricket betting sites.

  One of the most confusing aspects of cricket betting sites can be the deposit options they have available, but the good news is there are many different South African friendly payments available in 2022. These include debit and credit cards and web wallets, although there are no legal betting sites that accept cryptocurrency. Some of the common payment types at cricket bookmakers include:

  OzowVisaMastercardSID Instant EFTCredit CardNetellerSkrill

South Africa has only been back in Test cricket for around 30 years following its exile from the international sport. This has not stopped them producing some remarkable players, with the all-time best Test cricket team from South Africa stacking up well against those of other countries.

  Test cricket betting can be done at all of the major cricket betting sites in South Africa, with all International fixtures covered. This includes all of the Proteas’ Test matches, although their schedule has been somewhat limited in recent times because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  The World Gambling List South Africa covers all red ball Proteas games extensively, with many more opportunities for bettors in Test cricket (in our opinion). For instance, pitch conditions and weather can play huge roles in a team’s success in the longer formats of the game.

  If South Africa are playing at home with their strong pace attack, generally you are much more confident in their ability to win. However, if they are on the road in the sub-continent, it might be a much tougher proposition with their lack of strong spin options.

  In summary, betting on Test cricket takes more skill than T20 or ODI betting, because you need to understand the sport and players’ strengths and weaknesses.

  T20 is bringing the game of cricket to countries where they couldn’t stomach the longer forms. Cricket as a general rule will be played in the summer months and has become somewhat of a travelling sideshow, with many players travelling year round and playing in various T20 tournaments on top of their International commitments. Some of the bigger cricket tournaments and International events that attract significant betting interest are:

  International50 Over World CupICC T20 World CupTest ChampionshipChampions TrophyODIs

  Top cricket betting south africaBest Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa for 2022 T20 competitionsIndian Premier LeagueBig Bash LeagueT20 BlastBangladesh Premier LeaguePakistan Premier LeagueGlobal T20 Canada

cricket betting south africaBest South African Cricket Betting Sites [2022 Update]

  We could say South Africans are all about sports. They like to watch, they like to play, but above all, they like to bet. Sports like football, basketball, rugby, and others are all very popular. However, when it comes to betting, nothing beats good old cricket. This becomes even more obvious when you realize how vast the number of cricket betting sites in this country is. There are so many cricket betting sites in South Africa, it’s becoming difficult to count them. And, this is not just a mere coincidence!


  Betting has always been an integral part of South African tradition. People in this country are simply in love with the unpredictable nature of this globally popular pastime. Some do it to make their weekends more exciting, and some see it as a way to support their favourite club. Others spend weeks and months to figure out the best betting strategies. Whatever happens to be their reason, for South African bettors this is more than just a game.

  Being one of the most widely accepted sports, cricket attracts millions of spectators across the country. People of all ages and sexes regularly bet on their favourite cricket teams. Consequently, the number of cricket betting sites is always on the rise. Operators from all around the globe realized the potential of this rapidly growing market and decided to take action. Unfortunately, this unprecedented diversity of online betting platforms comes at a price.

  Many bettors, both rookies, and experienced ones are frequently confused and don’t know how to pick the right betting site. They wonder how they should compare them. Where should they begin their search? How can they know if a betting site is safe? What is it that makes a cricket betting platform good? All these questions might seem simple and easy to answer, but once you sail into the uncharted waters of online cricket betting, things get a bit more complicated.

  As soon as we realized the proportions of this problem, we knew something had to be done. The world of cricket betting sites was in desperate need of some classification. To simplify your selection process and give you more time to focus on what matters, we decided to create a list of the very best cricket betting sites available in South Africa. This seemingly painless task turned out to be quite a challenge. Hundreds of cricket betting sites had to be analyzed and compared. Numerous aspects of betting platforms had to be examined in great detail.

  Luckily, our team of dedicated professionals is always ready to overcome even the most difficult of obstacles. Being an experienced group of software developers, gamers, passionate punters, and security and legal experts, we knew we could do it. After all this hard and time-consuming work, we are proud to say we did it. This is a list that contains all the hidden gems of the online betting world. It’s the very best this industry has to offer at the moment, and it’s a list you can rely on.

  The history of South Africa is full of conflicts, sudden significant changes, and controversial laws. Just like any other country, it had its dark and bright periods. A series of law reforms usually followed every major political change. Back in the day, it was often tough to decipher the law if you weren’t a lawyer. Some activities were left in the so-called grey zone, and no one knew for sure if they were legal or not. Depending on the situation and current interests, the government would enforce a law. This was especially true for gambling.

  Fortunately, things are very different today. South Africa is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa, and its laws are equivalent to those in Europe or North America. Gambling in all its forms is considered legal as long as operators are authorized by a trustworthy gaming authority. Consequently, lovers of online cricket betting have nothing to worry about. They are free to indulge in their favourite free-time activity as much as they want. South Africans are free to gamble regardless of where they are, what time it is, or what device they’re using.

  Introduced by British settlers about two centuries ago, cricket quickly became the number-one sport in South Africa. The first official match was played in 1889 in Port Elizabeth. This game between the national teams of England and South Africa marks the beginning of an era for cricket fans in this country. Soon, the first competition, known as the Currie Cup took place. These days, the most prestigious championships are the Sunfoil Series, the Momentum One Day Cup, and the T20 Challenge.

  Two years ago, the T20 Challenge was discontinued, and the Mzansi Super League became the most significant T20 tournament in South Africa. The Mzansi Super League is an electrifying competition between six city-based franchise teams. They come from Cape Town, Durban, Johanessburg, Port Elizabeth, Paarl, and Centurion. Founded by Cricket South Africa (CSA), the league is broadcasted on various channels both in the country and abroad.

  For decades, the South African national cricket team has been a source of great pride for the entire country. They regularly compete in all the major international tournaments, and people gladly watch these matches. For many South Africans, betting on their national team is a way to express affection, and they do it often. Cricket players are not only observed and commented on, but they are also loved and admired. We could say that most young boys in this country dream of becoming professional cricket players.

  Without any doubt, cricket is one of the most sought-after sports when it comes to online betting. The complexity of this uniquely amusing game keeps attracting millions of bettors. Those who love to bet have a considerable number of events and competitions to choose from. The game of cricket allows you to bet in many different ways, and modern technology makes it possible to do so regardless of where you are and what time it is.

  Cricket betting in South Africa is spreading so quickly, that it’s becoming difficult to keep track of. Over the next few years, it is expected to become the most developed branch of the entire gambling industry. With thousands of new players each week, it seems like the best days for cricket betting platforms are yet to come. The market is highly regulated, and there aren’t any contradictory laws like we often see in other countries. Every operator knows precisely what requirements need to be fulfilled to obtain a licence and the entire process is highly transparent.

  Most cricket betting platforms these days offer betting exchanges. In short, betting exchanges allow you to bet against other players rather than against bookmakers. During the process, you’re free to provide and ask for odds. Most people love the freedom this gives them. Some players feel like this dramatically increases their chances of winning. Betting exchanges are quickly becoming a crucial part of every cricket betting site.

  As we already said, it’s impossible to find a sport that can compete with cricket in South Africa. However, this doesn’t mean people are not aware of other options. Sports like football, rugby, and basketball have legions of fans, and they like to bet just like everyone else. Consequently, there is a high demand for quality sportsbooks in this country. Bettors watch national leagues from distant time-zones and lay their wagers in real-time.

  Spread betting is prevalent among experienced, long-time bettors. This is usually because most of them are tired of traditional fixed-odds betting. What they want is to bet on whether the outcome of the game will be above or below a spread determined by the bookmaker. With spread betting, punters are never in typical “win or lose” situations. Instead, they are given room for experimentation and this makes the whole experience way more exciting. If they carefully calculate all the factors, significant profits can be made.

  People love sports trading because it allows them to place contrasting bets on the same ticket, thus increasing their chances of winning. Probably the most important feature of sports trading is that you don’t need to worry about who’s going to win. All that matters is the movement of the odds. Of course, this makes betting much more enjoyable and less stressful at the same time. No wonder so many players like it.

  Nowadays, you can often hear that matched betting is a thing of the past. Some self-proclaimed gambling experts see it as old-fashioned and outdated. However, those who are familiar with this topic know that matched betting statistically guarantees payback from free promotions and bonuses. Since so many gambling platforms offer generous bonuses, it shouldn’t be too challenging to find one. As more and more beginners hear about this option, it will grow in popularity.

  We know many newcomers struggle to keep up with all the innovations in the online betting industry. When you’re new, it all seems so complicated, and it’s tough to understand all those numbers, signs, and expressions. And, just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a new type of betting appears. Luckily, this doesn’t happen every day, but you should try to stay up to date with the latest trends.

  The diverse world of online cricket betting can be overwhelming for some. Depending on the bookmaker, there can be so many options, that it becomes difficult to distinguish between them. Even though South Africans are mostly used to this situation, and they are very familiar with the terminology, we know that there are beginners out there looking for precise instructions. So here are the most essential cricket betting markets.

  This market is for test matches. It doesn’t call for much strategizing, and all the bettor needs to do is pick the team he thinks will win the entire series. Of course, it takes a lot of experience and analytical knowledge to predict such a thing, and most rookies wouldn’t even think of it. We believe luck is the most crucial factor and we strongly encourage everyone to try. After all, the higher the risk, the bigger the reward.

  Just like with any other sport, match betting in cricket is as simple as it gets. You get to choose which team is going to win or you can opt for a draw. Many dedicated bettors in South Africa like to follow their favourite teams from match to match. They bet on the same teams weekend after weekend following only one rule. If their team loses, next time they double the bet. If their team wins, they simply withdraw their profit.

  Betting on the player that will score the most runs in a match is common among all sorts of punters. You don’t need to know much about current trends in the league as long as you’re familiar with your favourite player’s situation. It’s simple and often very lucrative, and that’s what attracts even the most inexperienced bettors. You can also bet on the best runscorer within a specific team.

  Similarly, you may try to predict who’s going to be the best wicket-taker. Once again, if you make the right prediction, you’re in for some huge profits. Even though this might seem rather challenging to predict, you should know that statistically, only 2-3 players end up far above the average. Knowing who the three best players are can narrow down your choices and increase your chances of winning.

  As you’re probably already aware, you can also bet on who is going to be the man of the match. This is perhaps the most challenging bet, simply because numerous factors have to be taken into account. The man of the match can also be a member of the losing team, so you have to be careful. Experienced bettors tend to read gossip columns of sports magazines, hoping they’ll find something interesting about players’ personal lives. Knowing who’s not been doing very well lately can be worth a lot these days.

  Another market that’s very popular among bettors in South Africa is betting on the number of boundaries. Guessing the total number sixes or fours scored during a match can be quite a challenge. However, if you happen to be lucky enough, you can count on big wins. Wagering on the number of boundaries is one of those betting markets that call for a deep understanding of this fantastic game.

  With over/under bets, you’re trying to guess the number of runs scored during the match. The bookmakers always determine the average amount they expect, and your task is to guess whether there’s going to be more or less. In our opinion, this bet is perfectly suitable for inexperienced players and those who don’t have any idea about the possible outcome. You can usually double the money you invested without even caring about who wins the game.

  These are typical for the world of online cricket betting. Most people like proposition betting because it usually means you can bet on anything that comes to your mind. Now, it all depends on the bookmaker, but from our experience, this is where they try to spice things up a little. This is where they try to break the monotony and surprise their most dedicated players.

  For example, you can bet on what team is going to win the coin toss. You may try to predict whether the final score is going to be an even or odd number. And, if these are not enough, you are free to bet on the total number of runs scored by one of the teams. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that your chances are meagre. That said, getting one of these proposition bets right often means making a whole lot of money.

  Cricket fans in South Africa have a wide variety of betting sites at their disposal. In their effort to attract new players, many of them offer surprisingly generous bonuses and promotions. The market is very well regulated, and everything happens in accordance with the current laws. Before you place your first bet, make sure you’re familiar with all the most common betting markets. And before you pick your cricket betting site, make sure it’s safe and reliable.

  If you don’t feel like conducting thorough research, that’s not a problem. Our team of experts analyzed hundreds of betting platforms, and we came up with a list of the very best. The names you’ll find on our list represent the very top of the shelf. They all satisfy some of the highest security standards and guarantee the safety of their players’ personal and financial data at all times. They cover all the crucial leagues and all the popular events so remember to take a look!

  Is online cricket betting legal in South Africa?

  Yes. Online cricket betting is perfectly legal, just like all other forms of online gambling. As long as your operator of choice holds all the necessary permits and licences, it is safe to use.

  Do I need to be a cricket expert to place bets?

  No. You don’t need expert cricket knowledge to be an excellent bettor. It’s enough to know the basic rules of this game and to be well informed about the latest events. However, the more you know, the higher your chances of winning will be. Some of the most successful cricket bettors spend hours reading sports magazines trying to learn as much as they can about what’s going on in the lives of players. They analyse the statistics and place their bets only after all the facts have been taken into account.

  What is the legal gambling age in South Africa?

  You have to be at least 18 years old to gamble in this country. The rules are the same for every branch of the gambling industry, so the fact that you’re betting online doesn’t make any difference. If you are a minor, we strongly suggest avoiding all forms of gambling until you turn 18.

  How can I deposit money into my betting account?

  As soon as you make your account, you’ll have to choose your payment method. When you select it, you can go to the cashier section and decide on the amount you wish to deposit, at which point the money will be transferred into your account promptly.

  How cricket betting south africaBest Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa for 2022 long will it take to withdraw my winnings?

  This depends on the cricket betting site you choose, but it usually doesn’t take too long. If you’re using a safe and reliable betting platform, the whole process is fast and smooth.

  Can players in South Africa claim any bonuses?

  Yes. Cricket betting sites offer all sorts of bonuses and promotions. This is just one of the ways they try to attract new players. All betting sites mentioned on our list provide great bonuses.

cricket betting south africaBest South African Online Betting Sites 2022

  South Africa and sport go hand in hand. The Rainbow Nation also has a long history with gambling, with betting sites in South Africa growing at a rapid rate. Whether you are looking to bet on the Springboks rugby team or the Kaiser Chiefs in the South African Premier League, the online betting sites on this page have all bases covered. South African betting sites include domestic betting companies and international betting sites in South Africa. This page will outline the best betting sites South Africa has to offer and you should look out for, along with popular sports markets and payment methods for punters to consider.

  We hope that we’ve whetted your appetite a little for all the best sports betting sites that South Africa has to offer, with the list above of what we think are the leading bookies you should consider. If you want to learn a little more about the best, then we are more than happy to provide details.

  If you keep on reading below you find out a little bit more about the five sites that we consider to be ‘the best’ when it comes to the leading online bookies available to sports bettors in South Africa.

  If you’ve taken a peek at our mini reviews then you will understand about the key aspects that betting sites offer sports betting fans in South Africa. Not every site has every key aspect such as live streaming or eSports betting though. Below we have picked out what we feel are three of the most important criteria that sports betting sites in South Africa should have, and which of the sites in our top ten list have them.

  We like sports betting sites in South Africa that, as well as being genuinely legitimate, offer as much to their customers as possible. However, in many areas one site simply stands head and shoulders above all others. Here are ten important categories for which we have picked the number one brand for each.

  Whether you’re looking for new betting sites or an established sportsbook, the rainbow nation has both operating in it. The list below contains from top to bottom all of the betting sites South Africa has to offer people gambling in the country right now.

  Betting odds tell you how much you’ll win if your bet is successful. The greater the odds, the more you win of course. There are three main ways of expressing odds – fractional, decimal and American (or moneyline) and below you’ll find a brief but useful explanation of how betting odds work for each.

Fractional odds are the traditional (or old-fashioned) way of expressing odds and are based on probability. The probability of a coin toss landing heads is one outcome out of two possibilites, so 1/2. To convert that to odds we add one, which means it becomes 2/2, or 1/1 or evens. If you bet R10 on a coin toss landing heads and you win, your winnings would be 1/1 x R10 = R10. You’d also get your stake back so your total return would be R20.

  The longer the odds (i.e. the larger the first number compared to the second), the less chance of the event happening and the more money you win if your wager is a winner. The shorter the odds (i.e the larger the second number compared to the first) the more chance of the event happening and the less money you win if your wager is a winner.

Decimals odds are just fractional odds converted to decimals. Decimal odds are becoming increasingly popular, particular with younger sports bettors. To convert from fractional to decimal you just convert the fraction to a decimal and add one. In the example above, 1/1 add 1 = 2.00. The important difference between fractional odds and decimal odds is that decimal odds give your return, not your winnings, so you do not need to add your stake. In the coin toss example R10 x 2.00 gives R20, which is the complete return from your wager. Decimals odds are perhaps the best way of understanding how betting odds work.

  American (or Moneyline)
American sports bettors use American or ‘moneyline’ odds as opposed to fractional or decimal odds. The favourite in any contest is given negative odds, and the underdog is given positive odds. With negative odds, the number is the amount of money you need to put on in order to win $100. With positive odds the number is the amount of money you’d win if you put on $100. Odds of -100 or +100 are evens – you put on $100 to win $100 or you win $100 if you put on $100. American odds calculate your winnings only, not your return to remember to factor in your stake.

  How to read betting odds
This handy table should help you to learn how to reading betting odds. Each odds given is the equivalent price or odds via each method there is of representing them.

  1xBet – 200% Bonus up to $130

  PlayaBets – 100% up to R10,000 Bonus

  22Bet – 100% Bonus up to R2,500

  There are an increasing number of betting sites South Africa has available to punters. As such, deciding which bookmaker to sign up with is not easy. Of course, there is nothing stopping bettors registering on more than one sportsbook. However, it is recommended to only select the very best platforms. Because of this, our experts are constantly reviewing and testing online betting sites in South Africa. When ranking bookmakers, we take into account the following factors:

  Safety, Markets, Odds & Bonuses

Support, Mobile, Payments & Features

Matched deposit, no deposit, free bet and risk free bet offers are available to new customers signing up at South African betting sites. A welcome offer should not be the only reason as to why you decide to register with a bookie however. Some bonuses are more appealing than others. Terms and conditions, including qualifying and wagering requirements, generally determine just how appealing a promotion is. With that being said, the following are our favourite sign up bonuses currently awaiting South African bettors:

  Open you have completed your sign up at one of our recommended sports betting sites for players in South Africa, it’s time to place your first bet. Fortunately, placing a bet at a betting site in South Africa is incredibly easy, but just to wipe all doubts from your mind, we are going to walk you through the entire process.

  Of course you need to go through the deposit process to be able to bet with your own cash, so do that first. Next, hunt down the event you are interested in. As an example, we are going to bet on the Springboks to beat the Lions in a forthcoming rugby union match. We hunt through the menus until we find the event (which as it is a major event should be very easy to do).

  Here we are going to make a simple bet – the Springboks to win. Once we have found the details of the event we click on the odds of the Springboks winning. This will transfer the bet to our betting slip.

  Once the bet is on our betting slip (which usually is to the right of the screen) we need to select the amount of rands we want to risk (ten). We go to the bet on the slip and enter ’10’ in the ‘stake’ box.

  The final step is to click the ‘place bet’ button. This is the point of no return – once the button is clicked there’s no going back! Click the button, and your bet is placed. Now all you need to do is enjoy the scrumming action as the Springboks (of course) win!

  We have already alluded to just how diverse South Africa is when it comes to sport. Athletes and teams from SA compete at the highest level in many events. This is certainly reflected in the betting markets found at online sportsbooks. The following are among the most popular South African sports for punters to look out for:

Whether it be Union or League, rugby is a game enjoyed by millions across South Africa. Having been crowned World champions in 2019, matches involving the Springboks are regularly bet upon. A host of leagues and tournaments are covered by bookies, including the Six Nations and Rugby Championship. Popular rugby betting markets include total points, half time/full time and handicaps.

Football, or soccer, is another hugely popular sport in South Africa. Matches from the South African Premier League, English Premier League, La Liga,UEFA Champions League and World Cup receive great interest from punters. Football markets found at South African betting sites include 1×2, over/under goals, first goalscorer, double chance and draw no bet.

Cricket is considered as the national sport of South Africa by many. Test, One Day and T20 matches involving the South African men’s and women’s teams are available to bet on, along with international and domestic encounters from around the world. The Ashes, World Cup and Indian Premier League receive particular interest from punters. When it comes to cricket, available markets include total runs, leading wicket taker, to win the toss and match result.

Ernie Els and Louis Oosthuizen are South African players to have won golf majors in the past. The sport is growing quickly as a result. Tournaments from the European and PGA Tours are regularly bet upon. However, it is the four majors throughout the season that attract the greatest interest from bookies and punters alike. Here, bets can be placed on the tournament winner, top 10 finishes and even the region of the winner.

Another emerging market in South Africa is Esports. Professional gaming events surrounding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2, among others, are now followed by many, especially the younger generation. Many gambling sites now cover Esports events. Here, bets can be placed on match winners, individual maps, first blood and total kills. We will outline the best CS:GO betting sites available to punters in South Africa later on.

  As you will have discovered from reading this page until this point, South African betting sites today are both diverse and detailed. While this is a good thing, it does make selecting the right betting platform all the more difficult. However, as always at safebettingsites, we are here to help. When making a decision regarding which betting site to sign up with, the following steps will be useful to undertake:

  betting sites paymentsbetting sites paymentsWhen it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds at South African betting sites, there is a good number of payment options available. Credit and debit cards are on offer, along with bank transfers, which are significantly quicker in South Africa when compared to other regions. Elsewhere, having been founded in 2007, SiD Instant EFT has long been the most popular online payment system in South Africa. OZOW is an alternative, offering both quick and secure payments. The majority of our recommended South African betting sites accept payments in Rand (ZAR). However, for those that do not, alternative currencies will be offered. The table below provides a clear breakdown of the payment methods awaiting South African players, including deposit and payout limits.

  ’Funds Transfer’ has become the most common way for people in South Africa to move money, and by adding ‘E’ (for electronic) such moves can now be made over the internet (‘EFT’). SiD is one of the most popular EFTs in the country and is used by countless merchants, from grocery stores to retailers, as well as South African sports betting sites, of course. is one of the best sites for SiD.

  EasyEFT is just about as popular in South Africa as SiD, and actually is probably offered at slightly more online gambling sites, including online sports betting sites, as its rival. This payments provider is a way of directly connecting a merchant and client in order for the client to arrange a payment, and works with five important South African banks: Standard, Nedbank, ABSA, First National and Capitec. You can use EasyEFT at 22bet.

  OZOW is one of the newest EFT service providers in South Africa, and is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. The payment provider is actually set up to work better on mobile devices than desktop ones, which probably explains its popularity among younger shoppers. Despite this relative newness, OZOW has won plaudits for its high levels of security. SportingBet is a great site that accepts OZOW payments.

  football bettingfootball bettingSoccer is the truly global sport, although in South Africa is has to vie with cricket and rugby. Soccer betting is becoming increasingly popular, and all the sites in our recommended list are exceptional choices for soccer betting. Here though are what we feel to be the best three sites at which you can back your net-busting faves.

  csgo betting sitescsgo betting sitesEsports is popular in regions across the globe today. South Africa is one country that has taken the scene to heart. While gamers follow a number of Esports titles, it is undoubtedly CS:GO that is the favourite. Punters can bet on the winner of matches, pistol rounds, handicaps, correct score and map winners in most cases. A number of South African betting sites offer CS:GO markets, however it is the following that are our recommended CSGO betting sites:

  We’ve already mentioned phones and mobile devices during our round up of the best betting sites South Africa has to offer, and it’s true that mobile betting in the country is becoming increasingly popular. Mobile reception coverage has always been exceptional in South Africa, with 99.8 percent of the country able to connect to mobile networks. In addition, at least 92.8 percent of the population now owns a phone or other mobile device.

  Android dominates the market, with around 70 percent of smartphones operating in South Africa running on Google’s OS. Apple users account for a mere 10 percent. Most South African sports betting sites run perfectly well on Android, iOS or other operating systems, and some even have dedicated mobile apps users are able to download.

  We feel the following betting Apps in South Africa are the leading three sites mobile sports bettors should use in particular.

  There are not as many existing and new betting sites available to people in South Africa as there are in other jurisdictions. Major brands tend to concentrate on European and Asian markets, despite the growing popularity of sports betting in South Africa and other African countries such as Kenya, Zambia and Nigeria.

  That has not stopped a few new betting sites and brands opening up to South African markets over the past year or two. It is good for competition. Using new betting sites South Africa has to offer comes with plenty of benefits – new ways of doing things, innovative features and decent bonuses. Below you will find three of the best recent additions to your betting options in South Africa.

  Did you know that best betting tips are those that explain to you how to get the most out of your sports betting, and not direct tips about which team will win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, or how South Africa will fare in the next rugby union or league global competition?

  The best sports bettors maximise their potential income in a number of different ways, and here we are sharing our best betting tips with you that hopefully may enable you to do the same.

  There is only one thing better than winning money using your cash and your sports betting expertise, and that’s winning money by using money that’s not even your own! True, you are hardly likely to become the next sports betting millionaire by only using bonus money and other promotions, but at least you may add a little extra cash to your betting account that you can then use to make other bets.

  So, every time you see a new sports betting site pop up on our pages, our betting tip is to at least register for an account there so you can take advantage of any welcome bonus or sign-up offer that’s available. You may find a new favourite site too of course, plus many sites have an ongoing range of promos that you can add to the list of benefits. Look out in particular for betting sites with free registration bonus offers.

  Betting sites with FICA bonus offers are a great way to earn yourself a potentially profitable bonus, too.

  One way to guarantee a return from a bonus is to use matched betting. This is where you use a free bet or bonus cash to bet on both sides of a sporting contest. Naturally, you will need to use a market that does not have ties, such as any US sport, or tennis, snooker or darts.

  Say you get a R100 bonus from PlayaBets, and a R100 bonus from It’s Superbowl time, and it’s the Chiefs v the Buccaneers. You place one R10 free bet on the Chiefs at PlayaBets, and one R10 bet on the Buccs at No matter the outcome one of those bets just has to win.

  Again, you’re not likely to be buying luxury yachts on the proceeds of matched betting, but you will be gaining ‘free’ money to use for your other betting endeavours.

  One of the main reasons sports bettors become unstuck is because they fail to manage their bankroll properly. If you are just throwing money at your betting without keeping records or using a bankroll then you are probably losing more money than you think. Human brains tend to remember wins far more than they do losses.

  Work out how much you can comfortably afford to lose each month, without it affecting any other areas of your life (particularly mortgage payments, rent, utility payments and groceries). If you divide that number by 10, then that’s your DAILY bankroll. If you then divide that new figure by 10, then that’s your base bet size.

  For any bet, you cannot bet more than your base bet size. If, during the day you deplete your daily bankroll, then you stop betting until tomorrow. If, during the month your deplete your monthly bankroll, then you stop betting until next month. Stick to these rules, and your betting will not cause issues with the rest of your finances.

  Another good rule is that if you double your daily bankroll during the day or double your monthly bankroll during the monrh you stop betting until your next bankroll is available too.

  If you’ve played poker, then you probably will have experienced the feeling after a few losing hands in a row to go ‘all in’ no matter the cards you are dealt for your next hand. This is known in poker circles as ’tilting’ (from the ’tilting’ of pinball machines when the ball refuses to roll in the direction you want it to roll).

  Sports bettors suffer from the same. After a run of losing bets, they try and gain back all their losses by increasing their bet size. Even professional gamblers suffer from losing streaks – it’s simply an occupational hazard. The way to make money with sports betting is to win more than you lose, but spread over a decent period of time. Losing four bets in a row is as much an indicator that you are a bad sports bettor than Leo Messi going four games without scoring indicating that he’s a terrible footballer.

  south african betting sitessouth african betting sitesA ban on gambling in South Africa was lifted back in 1994. Two years later, the 1996 National Gambling Act was formed. The act, along with the support of the National Gambling Board (NGB) started to regulate the industry properly, as well as giving licensing rights to local provinces. Such steps meant that online betting was legal, as well as gambling in physical casinos.

  However, online casinos, including those offering roulette and blackjack, remained banned. Domestic sportsbooks must be licensed by a local province, while an amendment to the South African Gambling Act left those looking to play casino games in a difficult spot. Anyone with a South African IP address is currently unable to gamble online, unless it be with a NGB licensed, controlled and taxed operator. Punters do not pay taxes on winnings made from sports betting, with horse racing being the only exception, where 6% is taken. All online bookmakers have a duty to promote responsible gambling.

  Many jurisdictions now have firm checks in place before you are able to complete your sign up, and to deposit money to start betting. For example in UK (and due to laws drawn up by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission) new users have to supply photo ID, proof of Address and proof of source of funding (such as wage slip) before they are able to complete their registration and place their first wager.

  In most other jurisdictions, at a minimum punters are required to prove their identity before withdrawing money. This is to prevent unwanted activities such as money-laundering and problem gambling. In South Africa though, it is up to the individual site as to whether they wish to ask customers for proof of identity, address or source of funding. Sites are required to promote responsible gambling, but how they do this is not legally defined.

  Most sites that insist on you proving you are who you say you are will ask you to upload FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) documents. Some South Africa betting sites with FICA bonus offers will grant you an extra bonus once you have uploaded your documents.

  South Africa is undoubtedly one of the hubs when it comes to online sports betting. An increasing number of domestic companies and new betting sites are looking to compete with international betting sites South Africa has. As a result, punters have never had so much choice. Options surrounding bookmakers, markets and bet types have never been greater, so now is cricket betting south africaBest Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa for 2022 the time to get involved. Select one of our recommended South African sports betting sites today, before claiming your welcome offer.

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