Chris Jordan says “We’ll discuss and decide on it” in T20 World Cup

Chris Jordan says “We’ll discuss and decide on it” in T20 World Cup. Jordan has uncovered that their side has thought of taking the knee. Within the upcoming T20 World Cup matches. England was one of the first groups in world cricket to require the knee to protest against racism. The English team hasn’t taken a knee since August 2020. When they did so in the one-day international series against Ireland at home. After that, they have found other ways to do it. Also, including wearing T-shirts sporting messages against racial discrimination.

“We’ll discuss it and if people feel strongly about it, we’ll definitely do it. On the flipside, if we don’t, then we won’t,” Chris Jordan stated as, quoted by The Telegraph.

The settlement to stop taking the knee activated feedback. Moreover, from the former West Indian great Michael Holding. He leading campaigners against racism from the cricketing society. England’s as of late concluded summer saw them and New Zealand taking ‘a moment of unity.’ Besides, to advance consideration inside the matches. Kieron Pollard has noticed that they will likely be taking the knee. The movement is close to them. But Pollard declared he wouldn’t be forcing anyone to do it.

Chris Jordan says "We'll discuss and decide on it" in T20 World Cup

Kieron Pollard

“From my knowledge at this present time, I think it’s something that we’re gonna continue because it’s something that we strongly believe in, as a team. Hopefully, we can just continue to show our support for something that I think is close to our hearts,” Kieron Pollard said.

‘Everyone has their own opinions on racism and Black Lives Matter and all these things. I can’t tell them what to do or expect anything because sometimes when you expect things from people you tend to get disappointed.”

Lastly, England and West Indies decided to take the knee. Also, in the Test series last year following George Floyd’s death. At the hands of a police officer in Minnesota. Moreover, the two sides will meet for the first time in the World T20 since the Test series in 2020.

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