China’s online trolls outbursts against Taiwan and Japan Olympic athletes

China’s online trolls outbursts against Taiwan and Japan Olympic athletes. Some of Japan’s and Taiwan’s triumphant Olympic athletes. They have been subjected to a storm of online abuse. From the Chinese citizens.

China is driving the table for gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Looks like it is still not sufficient to satisfy. Its feelings of supremacy when it comes to losing to nations like Japan and Taiwan. Their online trolls and brands have taken a very difficult line. And position against things relating to these two nations.

‘For starters, the Chinese social media trolls. They have gone very difficult on their claim athletes. For losing medals to Japan and Taiwan. This might be owing to the rising nationalism in China. Then frequently prohibited by its state-sponsored media. And the government themselves. Furthermore, this has to drive Chinese brands. To sever ties with popular Taiwanese celebrities. Also, owing to them celebrating the victories of the Taiwanese. And Its competitors within the Olympics.

The wave of national pride. It’s clearing through China’s social media sites. During the Olympic Games in Tokyo. They have moved a few athletes to win awards. But has moreover branded others who failed to win as failures.

China's online trolls outbursts against Taiwan and Japan Olympic athletes

Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen

The worst set of abuses were saved for China’s badminton. And silver medalists Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen. They lost the men’s copies finals to Taiwan’s Lee Yang and Wang Chi-lin. Trending posts on Weibo classified the pair as “weak” and “rubbish”. Also named this loss as “the worst loss in history”. Without a doubt, this was an eruption.

The key point to note is that. This was a result of the Chinese team losing to “Taiwan”. A loss against any other country excepting. Japan would not have evoked such a response. For instance, when P.V. Sindhu defeated He Bingjiao of China. To win the bronze award, social media did not go as berserk.

This win by the Taiwanese pair. It was seen as an opportunity to win Olympics. The badminton gold to subtly assert their nationhood. Because this was the nation’s first-ever badminton gold. Within the Olympics, which is overwhelmingly ruled by China.

China's online trolls outbursts against Taiwan and Japan Olympic athletes

Lee Yang

As expected, in case you know the Chinese media well. The award introduction ceremony. The national anthem of Taiwan playing in the background. It was cut by Chinese broadcasters. Before and after the ceremony, Taiwanese badminton champ Lee Yang. Shared a Facebook post. In which he committed the gold medal to the individuals of Taiwan. While many clients saluted. The duo for winning the Gold. They were displeased with Chinese clients. To those who abused the victory and Taiwan. It was a comparable story, when Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen as well, shared a Facebook post.

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