best crypto cricket bettingAustralia vs South Africa 1st Test Predictions & Tips – More big runs tipped for Labuschagne

best crypto cricket bettingAustralia vs South Africa 1st Test Predictions & Tips – More big runs tipped for Labuschagne

  Australia are heavy favourites to win this Test considering the form they’ve been in during 2022. With the Proteas struggling to score big runs, they will once again be reliant on their bowlers.

  My best bet is for Marnus Labuschagne to score 50+ runs in the first innings. He has scored 100+ in three of his last four innings.

  Australia have won 4 of their last 5 Test matches.Australia’s Marnus Labuschagne has scored 100+ runs in 3 of his last 4 innings.South Africa have lost their last 2 Test matches.

  South Africa have won their last three Test matches against Australia. That series, which the Proteas won 3-1, became famous for the Australian ball tampering saga. 

  Australia come into this Test series as favourites and in great form. They just saw off the West Indies 2-0 with relative ease and have also only lost one Test this year.

  In the last Test against the Windies, Australia won by 419 runs in Adelaide. Marnus Labuschagne continued his superb form, scoring 163 in the first innings. He also scored a double ton and a ton in the first Test.

  It is a frightening batting lineup with all of Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith, Travis Head and Labuschagne in the form of their lives.

  Scott Boland looks set to retain his place in the side after another good performance against the West Indies. Josh Hazelwood misses out through injury while Pat Cummins returns to captain the side.

  South Africa achieved an impressive 2-1 series win against India at home earlier this year. They also managed a 1-1 draw in New Zealand.

  However, in their last series, the Proteas were beaten by England away. South Africa won the opening Test only to lose the final two. While their form in the longest format has been good this season, their batting is a major concern.

  The bowlers have regularly bailed the Proteas out of tough positions while the batsmen continue to consistently score big runs. They will hope that can change ‘down under’.

  Mark Boucher has stepped down from the role as head coach. It will be interesting to see what side the Proteas go with as under Boucher he consistently selected five bowlers without a recognised all rounder.

  That could change, especially with the struggling batting lineup. They may need a seventh batsmen which will weaken the bowling, their strongest best crypto cricket bettingAustralia vs South Africa 1st Test Predictions & Tips – More big runs tipped for Labuschagne suit.

best crypto cricket bettingBest Crypto Bookmakers

  Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you are aware that cryptocurrencies are at a fast pace to become one of the most popular payment methods in sports betting. You might have heard about Bitcoin, but there are other digital coins, which present even better alternatives. Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are all rising in crypto sports betting. Bettors prefer crypto as it offers anonymity, near-instant withdrawals and under-the-radar gambling.

  There are more possibilities and ways crypto bookies can benefit you; fast registration, very low deposit limits, better security and in some cases, better bonuses. Be aware; there are many bookies out there who want to scam you; that’s why we have used our rating model to include the best and most trusted crypto bookmakers.

  In our list, we have reviewed the best crypto bookies with certain essential traits; We rank them considering whether they are fiat or crypto-only, the type of bonus offered, whether crypto or conventional, the number of coins accepted and of course, their reliability. After checking our list, let’s proceed and elaborate further on the differences between traditional and Crypto Betting Sites.

  New Betting Sites vs Established Sportsbooks?There are two kinds of Crypto Betting Sites. Those who have been around for a long time using predominantly fiat, meaning traditional currency. These bookmakers have added cryptocurrency as an extra payment option. That is because they recognize the potential and how powerful it is as a banking method. By default, these bookies convert your crypto to fiat for your every deposit. For example, when you deposit Bitcoin on such a sportsbook, they convert it to euros in your bankroll. This way, they protect you from any potential price swings that Bitcoin is so infamous for.

  Keep in mind that under anti-money laundering practices, you will not be able to deposit crypto and withdraw fiat on such bookmakers. On the other side are the bookmakers who have been solely focused on crypto, accepting nothing else as a payment method. This type of bookmaker allows you to keep your bankroll in crypto for the whole time. And obviously, the crypto bookmakers only offer withdrawals in crypto. Let us go through all the advantages and disadvantages of opting for crypto sports betting.

  As briefly mentioned, there are key advantages to using crypto for your bankroll. In essence, crypto allows for fast withdrawals, lower fees and a great degree of flexibility on your deposits and withdrawals.

  Processing times are faster
The main characteristic of most cryptocurrencies is that transactions are executed without intermediaries. When you send your money to the crypto sportsbook, there is no bank or third party to process the transaction. It is executed directly from you to the bookie. That way, the speed of execution is unparalleled, especially with some altcoins in particular.

  Certain options offer very low fees
Same as with increased speed, cryptocurrencies come with very low fees. However, it is currently not exactly cheap to transact in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Their rise in value and usage has resulted in a bustling network, which in turn comes with raised fees for using it. No worries though, alternative options such as Dogecoin and Ripple XRP come with unbelievably low fees.

  Security and Transparency on the Blockchain
One of the main revolutionary aspects of cryptocurrency is the blockchain. Even though each crypto usually has its own blockchain, the common fact is that everything is recorded there and is publicly accessible forever. No one can dispute your transaction.

  Fast Registration on every Crypto Sportsbook
The decentralized and anonymous nature of crypto allows for ultra-fast registration. In Crypto only Sportsbooks, you do not have to go through KYC verification processes to verify your account; all you need to have is an email address and you can create your account in mere seconds.

  Lower Deposit & Higher Withdrawal Limits
Payment processing partners do bind bookies with limitations. In crypto, transactions are executed without intermediaries; you can have deposits as low as one dollar and the best part, there is usually no limit to the withdrawal amounts.

  Carefree Withdrawals
Once you confirm your withdrawal, it literally takes minutes for your gains to be transferred to your personal wallet. Yes, you still need to wait for approval in bookmakers accepting crypto. But, compared to conventional bookies, there usually is far less processing time for your cash out to go through. Nevertheless, note that sometimes bookmakers process the withdrawals manually. Meaning you may have to wait for a day or two after all.

  Second to none level of privacy
The pseudonymous nature of how cryptocurrencies work provides an unheard-of level of privacy. You never share any personal details apart from your personal address for each coin. As long as these two are not linked together, you are completely anonymous. Keep in mind that conventional bookies that offer crypto as a banking method will still require KYC verification, especially in withdrawals.

  You can bet from anywhere
Almost all cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not tied into a specific jurisdiction. Hence, apart from some exceptions, no laws prevent you from accessing them, even if traditional bookies are forbidden in your country. This means that you can access and use any bookmakers accepting crypto from almost anywhere in the world. From their end, crypto makes it easier to be accessible to you without fear of losing their licenses.

  Despite the many advantages of using a crypto betting site, there are certain disadvantages; While there are not many, they are considerable and should weigh in equally on your decision. Let’s dive in.

  ❌ Difficulty of the Process may be discouraging
You need to have a certain level of familiarity with technology to use and store cryptocurrencies correctly. Fear not, though; it is not quantum physics level of difficulty by any means; you simply need to familiarize yourself with an entirely new process of transacting monetary amounts.

  ❌ Volatility
This word goes hand in hand in any conversation revolving around cryptocurrencies. As with every new market, the fact that we are still at its very early stages means a certain degree of volatility exists. This effectively means that cryptocurrency prices often fluctuate violently in price and when this happens to the downside, it may chop up your profits and bankroll severely.

  ❌?Regulation could be around the corner
Another fact about new markets such as cryptocurrencies is that regulation has not been fully implemented around them. For the time being, cryptocurrencies are unregulated. But there is a decent chance that a potential harsh regulatory framework will hurt their price and subsequently your gains.

  ❌ Hard to keep track of your PnL in crypto
This is a tricky one. All cryptocurrencies have vastly different prices than traditional currencies. Add also the fact that they are much more divisible than, let’s say, euros or British pounds; all this makes it hard to distinguish between whether or not your bankroll is in profit or a loss and how much its value deviates from your actual money.

  ❌ A constant need to stay crypto educated
To increase your chances of success and fruitful gains, you need to be able to follow crypto markets closely. This way for example you will not be left holding worthless coins in case their value drops to near zero overnight. This is more likely than not in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, Ethereum and a couple of others.

  Crypto itself is secure and legal. However, crypto-related business and practices are regulated differently around the world. It mostly comes down to whether it is legal to gamble in your country. This means that as long as crypto betting sites possess an offshore license and offer crypto as payment, they can still be accessible to regulated markets. Taxes are also a mixed bag.

  Mainly depending on tax law regarding capital gains in your country. Of course, if you keep your funds in crypto and do not sell them in fiat, you will not be taxed by anyone, most likely. Additionally, crypto is not tied to banks; you do not have to pay taxes on gambling winnings. A good practice is to contact the bookmakers’ customer support and ask; Even better, consult a professional.

  crypto bookmakers

  Betting on crypto bookmakers is pretty straightforward, but you need to pay attention to details. Cryptocurrencies allow a bypass to intermediaries, banks, payment processing services. That means you are entirely responsible for your funds and their safekeeping. Consequently, mistakes may cost you dearly. For example, if you send your Ethereum to a BTC address, you will lose your funds forever. No worries though, we will guide you through everything. We start by pointing out a couple of things you should focus on when searching for the best crypto sportsbook to use. Then we provide you with the basic steps you need to follow to get your crypto into your bankroll and get going.

  There are certain traits a good crypto sportsbook should have. You should always look for a bookie to have if not all, at least many of them. We narrowed down specific characteristics of bookmakers accepting crypto that point out to a good experience. Let’s dive in.

  red arrow Licensing
A license is something that you should always keep a keen eye on when choosing a crypto bookmaker. Almost all companies operate under a Curacao license, which, as you know, is a less strict but formidable one. Despite being an easy license to get, they practice constant monitoring and revoke their licenses in the smallest suspicion of unfair treatment towards players. While it is always a positive sign, keep in mind that given the decentralized nature of crypto, in case of a dispute, a license on your crypto bookie can only take you so far. In short, it’s good to have a license, but do not heavily rely on it, for instance, to help you retrieve lost funds.

  red arrow Is your favorite cryptocurrency available
The above is a bit of a no-brainer. If you wish to choose a crypto bookie to play, they certainly need to actually include your coin as a deposit method. As redundant as this may seem if you own some Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other major cryptocurrency, it’s all the more critical if you wish to bet with any more exotic altcoin. To put things into perspective, some of the best crypto sportsbooks offer up to 25+ crypto as deposit methods. However, most of them involve four-five coins offered; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP and Dogecoin.

  red arrow Does it have a good reputation
A good habit to develop is to do some research on the potential crypto bookmaker you are eyeing. You will be surprised what a quick google search may reveal about it. Has is it been in any news lately? Has there ever been a security issue with it? What does the community say about this particular bookmaker? All these are useful little nuggets that may give you some extra insight on whether or not they are worthy of your time and money.

  red arrow Variety of games offered
This is also a significant factor to consider. Whereas nowadays crypto sportsbooks offer a variety of markets and games that are almost equal to traditional bookies, there may be something in particular that you are looking for that it’s not offered. For example, until 2018, it was impossible to bet on the Kentucky Derby horse race with crypto and to this date, you can only do so in Bitcoin only.

  Nonetheless, you will easily be able to find the major bets for markets such as 1X2, Double Chance for football, Money Line, Point Break, Parlay in Basketball, Outright, Match, Handicap in tennis and much more. It is not atypical to be able to access 400,000+ events yearly from 25+ sports, which is very, very close to conventional sportsbooks.

  red arrow Customer support and good UI/UX
One of the cornerstones of a great bookmaker is customer support. Fittingly, this literally can make or break a crypto bookmaker. Look for actually responsive, 24/7 support via chat and email to answer all your questions. Conventional sportsbooks need to have expertise on crypto-related questions too. This can come especially handy in case of possible disputes in the future. Also, look at the User Interface. Some find this less important than others, but a slick and smooth UI can make a difference to your experience. On the other hand, a lousy UI with frequent bugs and errors in many pages, sluggish interactions is a telltale sign of a scammy bookie.

  red arrow Banking terms and conditions
Reading the fine print on banking terms & conditions is something you must be practicing already in traditional bookies. This is even more important in crypto sports betting; We can not stress enough the importance of checking how deposits and withdrawals work. For example, we have experienced that in some bookmakers, you may be able to deposit in Litecoin, Dogecoin and the like, but you can only withdraw in Bitcoin. In others, especially conventional bookies that accept crypto, you must deposit in Bitcoin; otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw in crypto in general. This is vital if you do not want to part with your favorite altcoin.

  red arrow Bonuses terms and conditions
It is just as important to check the terms and conditions of the bonuses and promotions offered by a crypto bookie. Few things are more off-putting than having to grind through ceaseless wagering requirements throughout a ridiculous course of time, only to be rewarded by a fraction of the bankroll you have staked. For example, you will see welcome bonuses up to 5 BTC, but if you go through the requirements, this bonus is almost unattainable or not worth the effort and deposit size you need to make overall. Pick your bonuses & promotions wisely.

  red arrow Transaction processing times
Even though transaction speeds for cryptocurrencies range from instant to thirty-forty minutes, your bankroll does not depend only on the technical capabilities of the blockchain. There are instances when it may take longer, especially when it comes to withdrawals and if the bookmaker processes them manually. Also, look out for any daily or weekly limits in withdrawal amounts.

  red arrow Can you bet from your location
To place a bet, you need to actually be able to access the bookmaker of your choice. As discussed, yes, most crypto bookmakers can bypass geo-locations due to the decentralized nature of crypto. However, still, it is best to only look for the ones available in your region. That being said, be very careful in case you wish to use a VPN to access them anyway; Bookies can pick this up and you may end up losing your deposit or being kicked out.

  crypto bookmakers

  criteria checklistFirst, decide on the cryptocurrency you want to use. If you already have some, then skip the steps on how to buy. If not, follow our walk-through for the basic steps to familiarize yourself. Should you wish for a more detailed explanation of the steps and the process, check out our crypto gambling guide.

  Most popular existing customer free bet offers?The truth is that there are approximately four thousand coins out there. Less than thirty are available as a payment method to even the best crypto sportsbooks from this lot. Let’s go through some of the most popular crypto coins you can use for your banking. As far as betting with crypto, most of these popular coins below offer something different and unique compared to the others. Also, keep in mind that, compared to conventional bookmakers, the newest crypto sportsbooks usually provide a better variety of coins; this makes a very attractive proposition.

  BTC. Bitcoin is the king of crypto. BTC is the most widely accepted coin for betting in Crypto sportsbooks. It used to have low fees, but not anymore. It is also not the fastest option either. For more information, check out our article about the Βitcoin Bookmakers.

  ETH. Ethereum is the undisputed number two crypto around. Almost as widely accepted as Bitcoin. Even though it is fast, this too has very expensive fees nowadays. There is an imminent big update coming soon, which aims to boost speed and reduce fee costs significantly. If you want to know more about this promising coin, dive into our Ethereum Sportsbooks guide.

  LTC. Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies around. Built similar to BTC, but faster and has lower fees. You can read our guide about the Litecoin Betting Sites guide for a more in-depth look.

  DOGE. Dogecoin was created as a joke but turned out to be a formidable force. It is trendy in crypto sportsbooks due to its incredible speed and very low fee costs. Our guide on the Best Dogecoin Gambling Sites has extensive information on this peculiar cryptocurrency.

  XRP: Ripple is arguably the fastest and cheapest option. Not so widely accepted, but it remains an excellent option when you want to bet with crypto. Also a bit controversial to hardcore crypto enthusiasts due to its centralized structure. Do you think you know all about Ripple? Check the Ripple Gambling sites article to find out.

  BCH. Bitcoin Cash is another Bitcoin clone that is cheaper and faster to use. Not nearly as popular as Bitcoin as a payment method though. Still, it is a low-cost option.

  XMR. Monero is a cryptocurrency that takes privacy to the next level. If fully undetected transactions are your thing, then this is your go-to option. You will undoubtedly find several bookies accepting it, but not that many compared to the major ones. Check out more information on our page about the Best (XMR) Monero Gambling sites.

  ZEC: Zcash is another coin focusing primarily on privacy. It uses a different approach than Monero, but don’t forget to check our article on the Best Zcash Gambling Sites if you want to learn more about it. Zcash is not as adopted as Monero, but you will still find a handful of bookmakers that accept it.

  EOS. Eos aims to be a better, faster and cheaper version of Ethereum. Despite the fact it more or less achieves this, it is not very popular and you will struggle to find bookies accepting it.

  DASH. Dash is another coin focused on privacy, even though not so much as Monero. It is a Bitcoin clone with cheap fees. It is not at all widely available as a payment method though.

  ADA. For some, Cardano is the future of crypto. For others, it is a fable. At its fully operational stage, it aims to replace Ethereum. For the moment, it is a relatively low fee option for your bankroll, but it is very hard to find bookies accepting it as a payment method. Read our Best Cardano (ADA) Gambling Sites page for detailed insight.

  TRX. Tron is another controversial coin, mainly due to its founding team. This does not stop it from being an improved version of Bitcoin’s model by providing additional security. Tron also has low fees as an option. Very difficult to find bookies to accept it, though.

  USDT, USDC (Stable coins): This option might be combining the best of both worlds; Stable coins are by definition pegged to the value of an actual currency, usually USD by 1:1. They exist for utility and for you to simply convert your money losslessly into a cryptocurrency with a stable price. Ironically, this is not a very popular payment method in crypto bookies yet. With stable coins, you get the value of your money and take advantage of the speed and low costs of the blockchain.

The whole cryptocurrency market has been in a bull run for the better part of 2021. This has resulted in more and more new crypto gambling sites. Check out our list below for the best newest ones. The ones that made into this list meet our criteria for reasonable bonus wagering requirements, relaxed verification practices and, of course, proven reliability.

  Payoneer spyIt is my conviction that crypto is here to stay. This is supported not only by the significant advantages crypto sports betting provides but also by the fact that in the last couple of years, it has been recorded that more than 60% of crypto transactions are gambling-related. This number is bound to increase in the future, but one must always keep in mind that taxation and regulation may change. Even though it is almost impossible to regulate cryptocurrencies, many countries have become aware of crypto and its applications.

  It is only a matter of time before they come up with some way to apply taxes and some form of regulation to crypto-related activities, including sports betting. But of course, don’t just take my word for it. Do your research and see for yourself that crypto fits like a glove to sports betting and gambling in general. Then, you will be ready to dive into this exciting new way of approaching sports betting. best crypto cricket bettingAustralia vs South Africa 1st Test Predictions & Tips – More big runs tipped for Labuschagne Remember always to gamble responsibly, practice your risk management and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

best crypto cricket bettingCrypto Betting Guide for 2022 – Claim $5,000 at Top Crypto Sports Betting Sites

  Understandably, all these crypto betting sites can start to look the same at a quick glance. However, there are many differences, such as token types and bonus sizes, that could be important to making sure you choose the perfect operator to meet your personal betting needs. Thankfully, we’ve compared all ten of our favorite operators in this handy table.

  It’s not enough to just offer sports betting with crypto payments to be on top of our coveted list. We consider numerous factors that ensure the operators that feature on our top ten list are the absolute best crypto sports betting sites in the US.

  A platform cannot even been considered if it doesn’t offer numerous cryptocurrencies. Just Bitcoin won’t cut it at Augusta Free Press. We look for numerous tokens with reasonable transaction limits and fast payout speeds.

  All operators should offer bonus promotions but we look for crypto exclusive offers too. Most of the operators on our list have boosted welcome offers when using cryptocurrencies but the best crypto betting sites have offers that can only be claimed using cryptocurrencies.

  Sports betting is the most important aspect of a crypto sportsbook. The tokens don’t matter if the sportsbook is poor. We look for a vast range of sports, excellent US league coverage, and as many bet types as possible. Finally, we check to see how competitive the lines are too.

  Remaining safe online and ensuring your data is secure at all times is incredibility important when rating a crypto betting site. We check for a reputable iGaming license and a proven history of excellence.

  It is also important that bettors can reach assistance in a pinch. 24/7 support is required at a minimum and we look for multiple channels which can include live chat, email support, social media, and phone support. At least two methods are preferred to make out list but three is truly exceptional.

  First and foremost, the legality of sports betting will depend on which state you reside in. Sports betting is legal in many states and many of those states allow online sports betting too. However, there are some hold outs like Alabama. In those states, offshore sportsbooks like those on out list fall in a legal grey area where residents have enjoyed betting without any issues.

  Cryptocurrencies are still a fairly unregulated asset due to the anonymous nature of its concept. As such, regulated gambling markets in the US do not allow crypto transactions. That’s why you won’t see Bitcoin or Ethereum supported at DraftKings or BetMGM.

  But offshore gambling sites don’t have this issue. They are all free to offer cryptocurrencies for both deposits and withdrawals, and US residents have been accessing these platforms without any problems.

  You won’t find a safer payment method for sports betting than cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology that makes up crypto networks acts as an irrefutable ledger of every transaction. This means there is a 100% perfect record that cannot be removed, reversed, or changed in any way.

  These networks cannot be practically hacked either. That is because to do so, a cyber criminal would need to hack 51% of a network that is essentially everywhere. No criminal has a machine powerful enough to do so. The wallets that store cryptocurrencies are also highly encrypted and online wallets feature multi-factor authentication.

  Crypto sports betting sites also leverage high end website encryption protocols and have an iGaming license to prove they are deemed safe and secure too.

  Once thought of as an underground movement, cryptocurrencies today are very simple to use. There is a little bit of an initial set up to get yourself ready to start betting with crypto tokens, but even that isn’t too difficult. We walk you through all the steps required to go from never touching cryptos to betting on that first event.

  We recommend choosing a crypto exchange that offers a wallet since it’ll make buying, selling, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies that much easier. Any of the big names like eToro or Coinbase will be perfect.

  eToro homepageeToro homepage

  While the forms will differ between the various platforms, the concept is just the same. Follow any prompts to fill in the required details. In most cases, this will be personal information like your name, number, and email. You’ll also need to pass a verification process to unlock the full features of an exchange, as well as meet regulatory requirements.

  eToro sign up screeneToro sign up screen

  You’ll need to buy some cryptocurrencies to use crypto tokens at an online sportsbook. This involves trading FIAT currency in exchange for crypto tokens. The concept is just like exchanging two currencies when travelling abroad. Just head to the trading section and use a traditional payment method to buy cryptocurrency.

  eToro trading screeneToro trading screen

  Make sure your wallet is all ready to go. This means checking it is all set up and that your tokens have been transferred into the wallet. When everything looks good, take the time to become familiar with the mechanics – you’ll need to transfer tokens to your chosen crypto sports betting site soon.

  Simply head on over to the homepage and click on “Join” to get start registering for a betting account.

  Bovada homepageBovada homepage

  Complete the registration form by filling in the required details. This will be much like signing up for Coinbase or eToro. Details required will include your name, number, email, zip code, and your contact number. You’ll also get to create a unique 4-digit code.

  Bovada sign up screen for betting with cryptoBovada sign up screen for betting with crypto

  Head to the cashier section and choose your preferred deposit method. It is at this time you can enter a Bovada promo code like INSIDERS. You’ll be shown a wallet address for Bovada. Transfer the nominated amount of funds to this address using your crypto wallet.

  Bovada bonus code and depositBovada bonus code and deposit

  The funds should appear instantly in your crypto betting account. You are now free to head to the sportsbook and begin betting on your favorite sports.

  Bovada sportsbook screen for betting with cryptoBovada sportsbook screen for betting with crypto

  Requesting a withdrawal is nice and simple but there are few extra steps than if you’ve made betting withdrawals using traditional methods in the past. We’ve got your back and explain the whole process in a few short steps below.

  You’ll need your unique wallet address for this one. Simply access your wallet and locate its unique address. Be sure to copy it to the clipboard, if you can, so that you don’t make any typos.

  Wallet address exampleWallet address example

  Log into your Bovada account and go to the cashier section where you’ll be selecting “Withdraw”. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency. Then, input your wallet address in the field marked “Wallet Address”. Make sure this address is correct.

  Next, nominate the amount you’d like to request as a withdrawal. Enter your unique 4-digit security code and click “I agree” ahead of finalizing the request by clicking “Request Withdrawal”.

  At Bovada, your crypto payout shouldn’t take any longer than 48 hours to enter your wallet. Once in your wallet, you’ll be able to use your cryptocurrency exchange to sell those tokens and withdraw those funds as good old US dollar.

  Trade your tokens for real cash by selling the asset on your crypto exchange. Simply access the trading window to sell your tokens. This process is instant. Depending on your chosen exchange, your sale will be sent to your chosen payment method, or you’ll need to then request a withdrawal from your exchange account.

  crypto trading windowcrypto trading window

  Some of the crypto betting sites on our list have more than a dozen tokens to choose from. That’s a lot of choice and it gives the bettor a lot of control. However, we determined that there are five cryptocurrencies that are supported more than all others. While tokens like Solana are supported by and handful of sportsbooks, these are accepted by almost all of them.

  The token that started it all, Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency and today it is still the most valuable. Bitcoin might actually be one of the more expensive tokens to use for sports betting as the miner fees are higher than some of the smaller tokens – it’s still the most valuable and most supported though.

  Bitcoin Cash is one of two forks of Bitcoin in 2018, alongside Bitcoin SV. Miner fees are much lower than Bitcoin and the token is almost as accepted at online gambling sites as Bitcoin. It might not be as valuable as standard Bitcoin but it’s very efficient for sports betting.

  Litecoin still does what it originally intended to do – be a faster and cheaper alternative to Bitcoin. Transactions are faster on the Litecoin network which also keep the miner fees quite low too. This token is also highly accepted and every platform in our top 10 supports the first “alt-coin”.

  This “joke token” held next to no value until Billionaire and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk started tweeting support for it. Today some businesses accept Dogecoin, such as the Santa Monica Tesla SuperCharger and numerous online sportsbooks. Dogecoin is a relatively affordable token too compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  For the longest time, Ethereum has been the biggest rival of Bitcoin. The technology behind Ethereum is quite different to Bitcoin and the Ethereum network gave birth to decentralized business tools and apps. Ethereum has many uses other than as a store of value and a means to gamble on your favorite sports.

  Both Tether and USDcoin are known as stable-coins. That means they are pegged to the value of an actual FIAT currency – in this case, the US dollar. This allows sports bettors to enjoy many of the benefits of cryptocurrencies without the volatility in their value. Both Tether and USDcoin are quite popular at sports betting sites are incredibly more supported for deposits and withdrawals.

  Offshore sportsbooks offer tons of sports to bet on and it’s not just US leagues either. You can bet on international tournaments and local leagues from around the world. Some sports will always be more popular than others and we’ve detailed a little more about them below.

  The NBA league is home to some of the best basketball in the world. Live spread betting is quite popular with this league and many bettors enjoy creating parlays, mixed with a few prop bets too. Look to big crypto sportsbooks like and Bovada for futures markets on the NBA draft.

  The NFL is an incredibly popular sport to bet on and all the usual markets are present such as Moneyline, spreads, and totals. However, prop betting is the real pinnacle of NFL betting with most games featuring upwards of 60 different prop markets.

  Bovada and offers hundreds of prop markets and great lines on the NFL all season.

  NHL betting offers the Puck Line market which is a form of spread betting. The Puck Line is also a popular way to bet on the NHL live. Moneyline, Totals, and Props are all markets you’ll find when betting on this North American ice hockey league.

  has fantastic lines on the NHL and BetUS TV provides insider tips too.

  Major League Baseball is perfect for those who like to play the numbers and bet on live totals or the Run Line. Also, with over 2,000 games played each season, there is almost an MLB game on every single day to bet on.

  offer tons of markets for the MLB, while MyBookie incorporates the league into numerous contests.

  College football can be difficult to bet on in some states, especially those that don’t let you bet on your home team like in New York. Offshore operators do not have this problem and you can use these sites to bet on your favorite college game including spreads and Moneyline markets. Jazz offers fantastic NCAA odds.

  Those same restrictions on NCAA football also apply to college basketball. Once again, offshore crypto betting sites get around this issue and offer Moneyline, spreads, and totals markets. Jazz still offers some of the best college sport odds you’ll find online.

  Many offshore crypto betting sites offer racebooks. Within the racebook are loads of bet types such as to win, place, trifectas, and daily doubles for races located in the US and abroad. offers some of the best odds for international racing while Jazz boast live streaming capabilities.

  The UFC is king of the MMA events each year and there are usually a couple of major UFC events to bet on each month. Besides those, you’ll also get a few Fight Nights too. Prop bets are quite popular for UFC betting such as “method of victory” bets.

  Both and MyBookie offer excellent UFC lines and MyBookie typically has a couple of UFC contests each year.

  Whether you’re looking to bet on MLS, EPL, La Liga, or the FIFA World Cup, offshore crypto betting sites have bettors covered. Spreads are the most popular way to bet on soccer as eagle-eyed bettors can get great value placing handicaps on underdogs that’ll likely score enough goals to win a spread bet despite losing the match.

  has tons of coupons and specials for soccer betting.

  You can’t enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports at offshore betting sites and US DFS apps like DraftKings do not accepted crypto payments yet. This means, at this time, you can’t enjoy DFS leagues with crypto payments.

  Name another sport and you’ll likely be able to bet on it at offshore crypto sportsbooks. Niche leagues like EuroBasketball, Table Tennis, and AFL can be found at operators like , while most sportsbooks offer loads of coverage of international golf, tennis, and major events like the Olympic Games.

  Bet types at BetOnlineBet types at BetOnline

  There are numerous markets to enjoy when betting with crypto tokens in the US. Different markets allow bettors to take advantage of various components of a sport and bettors who really know their sport can bet on matches right down to the very last point. We detail the most popular crypto betting markets below.

  Moneyline is the name for the most standard of bets. It is a basic bet on the winner of a single event like a match or game. For example, a Moneyline bet will be betting on the Miami Dolphins to beat the New York Jets in a single match.

  Spreads are commonly referred to as handicap betting. Essentially, it involves placing a handicap on a team to gain an advantage in the odds. Odds are enhanced because a team or player must win by a specific margin. For example, a +2.5 goal spread on Barcelona means that team needs to win the match by at least 3 goals for that bet to be a winner.

  Totals are a way to bet on the points, sets, and goals in a single match. Rather than betting on a winner or loser, bettors wager on how many points will be scored overall or by a specific team/player. For example, a bet on the Under 90.5 market in an NBA game would mean you think less than 91 points will be scored in that game.

  Prop bets don’t require the bettor to wager on any winners or losers in a match. Instead, bettors wager on very specific outcomes that can happen within the match. These could relate to a single player or a component of the game. For example, backing Lionel Messi to score a goal in each half is a prop bet.

  A futures wager, which is sometimes called an outright, is a bet on the end result of an entire tournament, series, or season. This isn’t a bet on any one match. For example, a futures bet would be betting on which team will win the NFL season, before the season has even begun.

  Parlays are a way to pool multiple bets into a single slip in order to get multiplied odds. The value of a parlay is significantly higher than the value of the bets individually. Two or more bets are required to complete a parlay and every leg of the parlay must be successful for the bet to pay out. live crypto betting live crypto betting screen

  Live betting – also known as in-play betting – are wagers placed on an event as it is still being played. Many different markets are available for live betting including Moneyline, spreads, and totals. The odds change dynamically in real time as the game plays out. Bettors look for an odds advantage by predicting what will happen next.

  Some bookies will let you bet on almost anything. Head to MyBookie and the special wagers section will often be filled with bets such as “Will Big Foot appear in 2023?” or “What will Elon Musk name the next Tesla?”

  There are two common sections of a sportsbook that will feature non-sporting wagers and we explain them below.

  Entertainment crypto betting refers to wagers on TV, music, and film. This could include events such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, or the Grammy’s and bet types are usually Moneyline. However, the odd prop bet will appear from time to time. Wagers will include things like “Who will win best actor?” or “Will Jay-Z win a Grammy?”

  These are rather unique crypto betting markets, so not all offshore sportsbooks will be taking action. There is value to be had but entertainment bets aren’t always as easy to pick as a regular sports wager.

  Another popular form of entertainment betting won’t be found in the entertainment or special wagers section of a crypto sports betting site. WWE wrestling will often have its own category but does fit somewhere in between sport and entertainment. You’ll find a lot of markets for major events like “SummerSlam” or “WrestleMania” which will include Moneyline and Props too.

  Politics markets at MyBookiePolitics markets at MyBookie

  Some bookies will offer crypto betting markets on political votes from around the world – not just here in the US. You can bet on Australian, UK, and Irish general elections, just to name a few. In some markets, you’ll also be able to bet on more specific political occurrences such as a party majority in the UK.

  These markets rarely get to deep into an election. You’ll mostly get to place a Moneyline wager on who will be president, prime minister, or choose a party to win an election, rather than being able to bet on every seat in the senate or party majority in an electorate.

  Silks crypto betting gameSilks crypto betting game

  Using blockchain technology for gambling is a relatively new phenomena. With so many different tokens available and the advent of NFT’s, there are plenty of things to gamble for too. This form of crypto betting market is certainly still in its infancy and there isn’t many platforms around just yet.

  Silks –This platform is all about earning cryptocurrency by creating – or “breeding” NFT racing horses. You can even earn more funds by developing a breeding farm to create even more race horses. Those horses can be raced in many events and both you and other players can bet on the outcomes.

The best crypto betting sites all offer lucrative and thrilling bonuses that can dramatically enhance your betting experience. No two bonuses are alike but many will fall into a few distinct categories. We detail the types of bonuses you can expect at a crypto sports betting site.

  The matched deposit bonus is the most commonly claimed promotion you’ll see offered by a crypto sportsbook. 90% of the time, the welcome bonus will likely be a matched deposit offer. This bonus is quite simple – the crypto sportsbook will match the bettors deposit with bonus funds.

  For example, a 100% matched deposit bonus with a $600 deposit would see the operator provide another $600 in bonus funds. The bonus will usually have a rollover requirement that needs to be cleared to withdraw any winnings earned from bonus funds.

  A no deposit bonus is rarely seen at crypto sports betting sites. That’s understandable considering the bonus requires no deposit from the bettor to claim the offer. For example, a no deposit bonus could be in the form of a free bet or a small amount of bonus funds. Since the bonus is free and strict winning limitation will be in place and usually a rollover too.

  A free bet is a bonus in which the sportsbook covers the cost of the stake on a small bet. A deposit is usually required to claim the offer. While the sportsbook covers the stake, you’ll receive the winnings should the bet be a winner. For example, a $2 free bet with a payout of $10 would see $8 go to the bettor and $2 returned to the sportsbook.

  Cryptocurrencies are fairly simple to use at this point but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tips that can make the sports betting experience even better. The following tips will help you avoid a few mistakes that’ll affect your payouts in the long run.

  Cryptocurrencies hold a value like actual FIAT currency. As a very volatile asset, the value of any one token can vary quite wildly. The value of Bitcoin in 2022 moved up and down in value to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars at different times of the year.

  It’s a good idea to keep your eyes on the market so you know how much 1 token is worth and how much $1 will buy of your chosen token.

  Once you’ve made a crypto transfer, there is no going back. If you have sent your deposit to the wrong crypto wallet address, you won’t be able to recover it, cancel it, or expect a refund from your sportsbook or exchange. Always double check you get your wallet address right and try and copy and paste the addresses where possible.

  The crypto sport betting sites on our top ten list don’t charge any fees for facilitating a transaction. However, crypto transfers are not actually free. There will be a small fee taken for every transaction on the blockchain. This fee is taken out of your transaction at the time of the transaction and is often referred to as the miner fee.

  The miner fee is a small charge to facilitate the mining process required to complete transactions on the block chain.

  Fees may vary between the different cryptocurrency exchanges too. Whether using Binance, eToro, Coinbase or Kraken, there will likely be fees for selling tokens and withdrawing funds at FIAT currency. Bettors should also consider exchange fees when thinking about requesting a withdrawal.

  Betting with crypto has numerous advantages over using traditional methods like Vanilla Visa cards or bank transfers. The other payment methods can’t quite match many of these advantages either which makes cryptocurrencies a uniquely beneficial payment method too. We’ve provided our favorite advantages below.

  Top security – No payment method boasts the security features that cryptocurrencies have. All transactions are 100% irrefutable, irreversible, and practically impervious to cyber attacks. If you keep your tokens in a quality wallet and nobody can access your private key, then your tokens will always be safe.
Anonymous Banking – Banks in America are still not the biggest fans of cryptocurrencies, nor do some banks like seeing gambling transactions either. Using cryptocurrencies at offshore gambling sites keeps your gambling transactions entirely anonymous from your bank. Your banking details will also never be used for conducting gambling transactions.
Fastest transactions – No payment method is as fast as cryptocurrencies. Deposits are all instant and withdrawals are capable of the same speeds. Processing at the operator end may take up to 72 hours and then the payout is instant. That’s why some crypto betting sites boast 24 hour withdrawal speeds.
Great acceptance – While only Bitcoin was highly accepted a few years ago, these days multiple crypto tokens are well supported across numerous crypto sports betting sites. We noticed around five tokens that were accepted at almost every operator and about 15 that enjoyed fairly high acceptance across the board.

There are two ways to store your cryptocurrency; online wallets and offline wallets – also known as hot or cold wallets. Cold wallets are physical devices designed to keep your tokens away from would-be hackers when not in use. These are designed for large amounts of tokens and are a good idea to store any tokens you wish to hold.

  However, for everyday use including gambling transactions, the best storage method will be an online wallet. The simplest wallets to use for crypto sports betting are those associated with crypto exchanges.

  eToro – This crypto exchange does everything you’ll ever need for crypto trading, storing, and beyond. You can trade crypto by coping better traders and you can quickly sell your tokens when you receive a gambling payout. The wallet is easy to use and is accessible via a mobile app too.
BlueWallet – This wallet is arguably the best mobile wallet solution on the market. Peer-to-Peer transaction are lightning fast using BlueWallet and the platform is so simple to use. You can even buy Bitcoin using Apple Pay. The wallet is capable of storing over 200 different tokens too.
Coinbase – This crypto exchange with a wallet might just be the most user-friendly in the industry. The platform looks bright, clean, and there are no additional bells-and-whistles that’ll confuse less confident crypto users. Serious traders can upgrade to Coinbase Pro for loads of extra features.

Decentralized sports betting apps are concept that is still being truly realized. The issue with a truly decentralized gambling platform is that it would be entirely unregulated. When it comes to something like gambling, you really want that protection of a reputable regulator who can step in if things don’t seem right or the operator is a scam.

  However, some operators have been implementing elements of decentralized technology such as the use of Smart Contracts, integrated and personalized tokens, and extensive support of cryptocurrencies.

  Crypto betting dApps are sports betting platforms that leverage blockchain technology. Truly decentralized gambling only exists in an unregulated market and isn’t quite up to the standard of the offshore operators in our top ten list. However, there are a few apps that borrow elements from decentralized apps.

  These platforms can let player bet directly from a crypto wallet while their funds are held in escrow using Smart Contracts. Platforms are often powered by Blockchain networks such as the Ethereum network. They provide safety and security in the form of these irrefutable contracts that, in theory, require no real governance.

  Again, this technology and its implementation in sports gambling is rather new and we’d recommend sticking to one of the offshore crypto platforms in our list. homepage

  There are very few actual crypto betting dApps going around. Many never get off the ground while others are shortly de-listed after launch. Currently, we were only able to confirm three genuinely decentralized apps in the forms of, Aver and Cryptocup.

  Cryptopcup is a betting exchange which means the platform actually just lets bettors place wagers based on what other bettors think will happen in a sport. You can bet on teams to lose rather than win. is entirely held together by Smart Contracts that ensures bets are always paid out. Both these platforms are built on the Ethereum network.

  Aver is a decentralized betting exchange that was launched on the Solana mainnet in early 2022. It offers low cost, peer-to-peer sports betting with numerous supported crypto wallets. Honorable mentions have gone to, and due to their high level acceptance of cryptocurrencies and efforts in promoting safe crypto usage.


If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you’re going to see and hear a few terms that you might be unfamiliar with. We considered sports bettors and created a short glossary og important terms you’ll likely need to know.

  Blockchain – The blockchain is the network that contains a record of all the transactions ever made on a that cryptocurrency. These are peer-to-peer networks that are constantly being updated with new transaction and is entirely irrefutable.
Crypto Exchange – A crypto exchange is a type of platform where customers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using FIAT currency or other cryptocurrencies. Think of it as much the same as Forex trading.
Betting Exchange – Most decentralized sports betting sites are and have been betting exchanges. These platforms are essentially a peer-to-peer betting marketplace which lets bettors wager on certain outcomes. For example, bettors can place lay bets, which means to bet a team or player will lose.
NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens are digital identifiers that are completely unique from one another and are used to prove the authenticity of something. An NFT could be anything from a digital character to a piece of music.
KYC – Short for “Know Your Customer”, this is the name of the verification process you’ll need to complete at both offshore sportsbooks and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Wallet address – The wallet address is the public best crypto cricket bettingAustralia vs South Africa 1st Test Predictions & Tips – More big runs tipped for Labuschagne address of your cryptocurrency wallet. It is where you’ll be able to get a sportsbook to send your withdrawals too.
Miner fee – Miner fees are the small fees that are taken out of a crypto transaction on the back-end. This is to facilitate a fast transaction and for some tokens, it is an almost negligible amount.

With more than 30 sports to bet on, some seriously unique betting features, valuable odds across numerous markets, and strong crypto acceptance, Bovada is our choice for the best crypto betting site for US residents.

  If you’re looking for great odds on the major US leagues and wish to leverage to speed and power of cryptocurrencies too, sign up to Bovada and use promo code INSIDERS today.

best crypto cricket bettingEslabón Armado

  What is AXS Premium?

  AXS Premium gives fans direct access to purchasing premium tickets at market value. Ticket prices and supplies of inventories are subject to change based on demand. With AXS Premium, fans can choose the perfect ticket based on their individual preferences. By purchasing tickets directly from AXS (the official event ticketing provider) fans can eliminate best crypto cricket bettingAustralia vs South Africa 1st Test Predictions & Tips – More big runs tipped for Labuschagne the risk of purchasing tickets that may be considered lost, stolen or counterfeit.

  Please note that AXS Premium may not be available for all events and may be General Admission depending on venue setup.

best crypto cricket bettingStake Crypto Casino & Gambling Review 2023

  Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

  Online gamblers that use cryptocurrencies can play at Stake, which is now a renowned casino. The platform is compatible with cryptocurrencies for betting, banking, and bonus deals.

  This Stake casino review will talk about all of the available betting markets, bonuses, deposit methods, and more.

  Stake is a cutting-edge online casino and sportsbook. First and foremost, it’s a Bitcoin gambling site. As such, players can wager with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Easygo, a firm that created games for online casinos, was founded by Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani. The two founded Stake in 2017.

  It is a multinational corporation having locations in Serbia, Australia, and Cyprus as well as employees all around the world. provides typical casino games and sports betting. It also offers players multiple live dealer video feeds for the Vegas casino experience.

  Stake previously just had its worldwide website,, which was not available in all countries. The platform has since added to its ecosystem. is a platform with a focus on players from the US

  All of the games at are completely free to play because it is a ‘social casino’. It’s a totally different product from its European counterpart. As well as slots, table games, live dealers, and sports, Stake offers multiple promotions so players can earn crypto and free spins.

  Players say that Stake can be accessed, despite geo-restrictions, by using a virtual private network (VPN). As the platform uses crypto as a currency, there will be no need to worry about fiat banking restrictions due to regulation, or traditional transaction fees. For more details, read our article on how to use a stake casino VPN to gamble in the US.

  Some of the key elements players concentrate on when reading Stake casino reviews are game variety, bonuses, and accepted crypto.

  Below is a table showing the main facts players will need to know about this popular Bitcoin casino.

  We’ve checked out all of the available promotions and bonuses on the Stake gambling website and talk about them in full below.

  This Stake casino review found that there is no welcome offer for new players. At least, not at the time of writing.

  That said, the platform does offer some of the best Bitcoin casino bonuses for existing players, and we talk about these below.

  Stake’s Daily RacesPlayers can join Stake casino’s daily $100,000 race by betting right away. 

  Here’s how it works; players will move up the Daily Race leaderboard for each wager they make. This applies to both sports and casino wagers.

  Based on the player’s position on the scoreboard, the top 100 racers each day will earn rewards.

  On the sports or casino page, players can see the leaderboard for the respective race. 

  Players are automatically enrolled in the race as they begin betting.

  Stake’s Weekly GiveawayThe Stake gambling website also hosts a weekly promotion where players can try to win a share of $50,000. For more details read our article on Stake bonus drop codes in 2023. 

  We checked the Stake crypto gambling platform for more information on how to enter:

  $50,000 is distributed among 10 participantsPlace a bet of $1,000 to receive one entry into the drawA reference number will be assigned to each entryPlayers can increase their chances of winning by getting as many tickets as they canAll tickets will be secured through casino and sportsbook wagersGiveaways will start an hour after the most recent one concludesDue to the switchover for the new week’s giveaway taking place between 2 and 3 pm (GMT) on Saturdays, wagers made during that time will not countAll admission numbers may be located in the players’ VIP area. The draw will take place in real-time during a weekly live webcast. Bitcoin will be used to pay out all rewards.

  Evolution Christmas PromotionStake Bitcoin casino and the major software provider Evolution have teamed up and players can win a share of $100,000.

  Here’s how to enter the Stake crypto casino and Evolution competition:

  100 players will each win $1,000 of the total prize poolPlayers must place a wager on a table with the Stake logoAt which point, their name will be entered into the drawFor this offer, a minimum wager of $0.20 (or its equivalent in another currency) is requiredBetting on Evolution tables that are not Stake-dedicated will not count toward this offer. In other words, players must only place bets on the Stake-specific tables if they want to have a chance of winning.

  Multiplier RaceBy hitting the biggest multiplier on HipHopPop, Money Train 3, Sizzling Kingdom: Bison, or Master of Xmas, players can win up to $2,000 in the Multiplier Race tournament.

  The minimum wager necessary to participate in this event is $0.10 or the equivalent in another currency. Prizes will be distributed equally if any of the top 20 positions are tied.

  Here’s a list of the prizes:

  1st –  $2,0002nd – $1,0003rd – $5004th – $3005th – $2006th – $10011th-20th – $50Every week, following the completion of the previous promotion, the winners’ lists will be uploaded to the Stake forum. Note that payouts take up to 72 hours for this promotion.

  This Stake sports betting review found a variety of promotions outside of casino bonuses. For instance, every week, players can take advantage of double winnings on certain games. This promotion is called NBA Primetime Double Winnings.

  It’s possible for players to earn double if their winning (including overtime) pick triumphs and their chosen sportsperson hits their target. $5 is the minimal bet and the most players can claim in terms of double winnings is $100.

  Another promotion at Stake is NBA 9+ Lead Payout. Players are eligible to get up to $100 if they correctly predict the winner of the game (including overtime). This is provided they were ahead by nine points or more at the end of the third quarter.

  There are more promotions based on sports, this includes soccer tournaments, NFL, NHL, UFC, and more.

  Those looking for Bitcoin casino free spins might want to enter the Fat Santa forum challenge on the Stake gambling site.

  Here’s how it works:

  Win a wager on the Fat Santa slot machine with multipliers of 40x or moreThe smallest wager is $0.20$500 is distributed in equal portions to the top 20 multipliersThen, $1,000 is divided equally among all other multipliersOnly one entry per household will be considered validPlayers can enter by submitting their bet ID in the forum, including their Stake username.

  Stake Telegram ChallengesThis is one of the best Bitcoin slots sites for Telegram users as well. Players can join the Telegram group called ‘ – Live Challenge’ to get free spins.

  The official Telegram channel regularly provides information about the current live challenges. The channel will also include the start time, rewards, and the number of winners.

  The minimal wager is $1. Players will receive 10x more than the standard rewards when they bet more than $10 of cryptocurrency in a single winning wager. Players need to publish their winning bet ID in the challenges chat room on once they get it.

  As part of this review, we looked at the loyalty program. All of the best Bitcoin casinos offer a program like this as it rewards players for remaining on the platform long term.

  At Stake casino, the VIP Club promises an “unrivaled experience”. The platform says that players will receive bonuses that can be withdrawn instantly with no strings attached, as well as a range of other benefits.

  Every bet made at Stake goes towards the VIP progress and each level unlocks further benefits. Players can claim bonuses on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis instantly.

  Some of the rewards we found when conducting this Stake casino review include a dedicated and bespoke VIP host, being paid for leveling up, and rakeback.

  As of writing, this Stake gambling review found there are no bonus promo codes necessary. In addition to the above-mentioned promotions, there are many others and they are updated regularly. 

  The platform also drops bonus offers on its social media platforms, like Twitter for instance.

  There aren’t any no deposit bonus codes on the Stake crypto casino, at least as of writing. 

  All Stake casino reviews should cover the range of games available to play. 

  Players will find the range of gambling options that are found at Stake below:

  The Stake gambling site offers access to nearly 2,400 slot titles, so players will never run out of options. The slot games at Stake are powered by some of the biggest names in the industry. For instance, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, Spinomental, NetEnt, and more.

  The most popular slot titles are Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Sugar Rush, Wanted Dead or A Wild, and Big Bass Splash. Players can also filter the results down by provider and may select more than one. For instance, fans of iSoftBet will find 158 slot games by this provider alone.

  Although this Stake review found tons of games, we have to say, it isn’t the best Bitcoin roulette site. The casino is partnered with some superb roulette providers nonetheless, such as Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and BGaming.

  However, there are only 16 games available. To put this into perspective, in contrast, Lucky Block offers over 30 roulette titles.

  Those who are reading Stake casino reviews in the hope of finding an extensive suite of blackjack games will be further disappointed. 

  Again, it’s not the quality of the titles on offer that is a problem, but the number of them. There are only 10 blackjack games to choose from.

  That said, players can play blackjack variants from Evolution, Relax Gaming, BGaming, and Pragmatic Play, as well as originals that are unique to Stake. This includes first-person, live, and multi-hand pro blackjack.

  We found just four video poker games at Stake. This includes Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, Three Card, and standard video poker 

  Apart from the standard video poker title which is from the platform’s own Stake Originals, all are provided by Evolution.

  The Stake gambling website doesn’t disappoint when it comes to live dealer casino games. There are almost 50 titles, which are exclusively provided by well-known software developers Evolution and Pragmatic Play.

  The most popular games are Mega Ball 100x, Monopoly, Crazy Time, Sweet Bonanza Candyland, Crazy Coin Flip, and Dead or Alive Saloon. There is also plenty of live variants of popular table games, such as blackjack and baccarat. 

  Stake casino also offers other games. Categories include Game Shows, Feature Buy-In, and Stake Originals.

  In terms of the latter, this includes the casino’s own take on familiar games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Other Stake Originals titles include plinko, dice, mines, keno, and more.

  As well as looking at casino titles, we’ve conducted a Stake sports betting review. 

  This Stake sports betting review found a wide range of events to bet on. Ever wondered what the best FIFA world cup 2022 crypto betting site is? This includes sporting tournaments from around the globe, like the FIFA World Cup, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). There is also a section dedicated to club-friendly soccer games.

  Players will find odds on top sports such as tennis, soccer, ice hockey, American football, and basketball. It’s also possible to bet on rugby, table tennis, indy racing, golf, kabaddi, and more. In fact, this Stake casino review found almost 40 different sports to bet on.

  Stake casino also offers odds on live and upcoming entertainment and political events. For instance, a player could place a bet on who will win the best actor, actress, director, or picture at the Oscars. There’s also the option to bet on who might win a presidential election, be Christmas number one in the music charts, and more.

  Lots of individual markets are supported by Stake. For example, when betting on soccer, categories include Goal, Half, Asian Lines, Players, Goalscorers, Corners, and Cards.

  Using a World Cup game as an example, we compared the odds at Stake to those at the top platform for crypto casino gaming and sports betting, Lucky Block.

  See below:

  Argentina Win: 1.88 at Stake – 1.89 at Lucky BlockDraw: 3.35 at Stake – 3.4 at Lucky BlockCroatia Win: 4.8 at Stake – 4.9 at Lucky BlockAs is clear, the odds are more competitive at Lucky Block. 

  This Stake casino review found that there are no virtual sports betting options at this time.

  We’ve talked about some of the software providers used by Stake online casino. 

  To reiterate, the platform’s games are powered by 35 of the best game providers in the online casino space.

  This includes:

  HacksawRelax GamingPragmatic PlayiSoftBetBooming GamesWazdanBGamingPlay’n GoThunderkickElk StudiosRed TigerSpinomenalBlueprint GamingNetEntand othersArcades, betting, bingo, casinos, game machine manufacturers, and lottery operators are all subject to regulation by the Gambling Commission.

  The same applies to many of the software providers we’ve listed above. Which means that they must adhere to strict standards surrounding fairness and much more.

  This Stake gambling review found that players can transfer money from a private crypto wallet. When a payment service provider is employed, deposits are processed right away, and the new balance is shown in the Stake account within 30 minutes.

  The Stake betting site accepts 20 cryptocurrencies, which are listed below:

  Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH)Dogecoin (DOGE)Binance Coin (BNB)Litecoin (LTC)Tether (USDT)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Tron (TRX)Polygon (MATIC)Cronos (CRO)Ripple (XRP)Dai (DAI)Chainlink (LINK)Binance USD (BUSD)Sandbox (SAND)Uni Coin (UNI)Shiba Inu (SHIB)ApeCoin (APE)USD Coin (USDC)EOS (EOS)Below, we’ve listed a handful of withdrawal minimums and fees stipulated at Stake:

  BTC: 0.0002 – The fee is 0.00007 BTCETH: 0.004 – The fee is 0.0005 ETHDOGE: 30 – The fee is 1.5 DOGEBNB: 0.015 – The fee is 0.0002 BNBLTC: 0.04 – The fee is 0.0005 LTCUSDT: 2.5 – The fee is 1 USDTBCH: 0.02 – The fee is 0.00001 BCHA full list of withdrawal limits and fees is available in the Help Centre on Stake. 

  Stake is simple enough to use for all sorts of casino players. Different game types and sports betting markets are clearly defined. Furthermore, there is the usual search bar for players who have a title or provider in mind already.

  Promotions, casino games, and sports are also easy to find using the platform’s filters. For instance, by clicking ‘Casino’, players will see a drop-down list of all of the subcategories, such as slots and table games.

  There is also the option of live support, in addition to a help center, which is comparable to FAQs. This covers a range of subjects such as accounts, sportsbooks, wallets, promotions, and more.

  There is no Stake betting app as such, however, the site has been optimized for gambling on the go. That is to say, although there’s no app to download in the usual Android or iPhone store, players can just visit the site on their mobile browser instead.

  In terms of being a safe casino, Stake has a Curacao eGaming license.

  Provably fair games, transactions protected by 2FA authorization, and a strict privacy policy are examples of further safety featuresAdditionally, the Stake Bitcoin casino uses encryption technologyThis Stake casino review found that the platform is a recognized member of the Crypto Gambling Foundation For those unaware, the Crypto Gambling Foundation specializes in the use of cryptocurrency in conjunction with online casinos. 

  As such, Stake adheres to security standards in addition to following rules to keep an official license from the Curacao Gaming Authority.

  Stake is accepted in many countries. However, there are some nationalities that are unable to bet at this casino.

  Stake is blocked in the following countries:

  USAUKAustraliaSlovakiaCôte d’IvoireGermanyPortugalSyriaCubaZimbabweNorth KoreaIranCzech RepublicLiberiaSudanBelarusDenmarkBelgiumDemocratic Republic of the CongoAfghanistanLibyaLithuaniaFranceNetherlandsItalySouth SudanIraqOntarioAustraliaGreeceCuraçaoSerbiaSpainAs noted earlier, US players have access to a US-specific platform – 

  It’s also worth noting that some software providers are unable to accept players from specific territories. For example, players from the US, UK, Australia, and over 55 other countries cannot access NetEnt games. This is for regulatory reasons only.

  Many crypto casino players simply use a VPN to bypass such restrictions. This is because VPN services change the real IP address of the player, meaning they can get around any geo-restricted content quite easily. However, this option should only be used at the player’s own risk. 

  Whilst we like Stake for its ease of use and promotional offers, Lucky Block is also worth considering. The Lucky Block casino is easy on the eye and simple to navigate. The platform supports a range of currencies.

  This includes Bitcoin. As the best altcoin casino site, Lucky Block also supports Dogecoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, and others. Fiat payment options are inclusive of Apple and Google Pay, credit cards, and wire transfers. The minimum deposit is just $1.

  We found a huge selection of betting markets here, from 86 of the best software providers in the casino space. Lucky Block is one of the best Bitcoin live casinos around, where players can bet on more than 570 games in this category.

  We found this to be inclusive of Mega Ball, baccarat, Monopoly Live, roulette, blackjack, Dreamcatcher, Roulette, sic bo, Football Studio, and more. This casino also beats Stake on blackjack games. We found 40 blackjack games with enough variants to keep players entertained for hours.


  Some of the popular blackjack varieties include multi-hand, European, pontoon, double exposure, lucky sevens, Atlantic City, and Vegas Strip, among others. There are also 34 roulette games. Furthermore, unlike the mere four at Stake, Lucky Block offers over 20 varieties of video poker.

  Players who like slots will have thousands to choose from. Lucky Block is also among the best Bitcoin betting sites in the space. The casino has a sportsbook that blows Stake’s out of the water. There are odds on over 35 individual sports, in addition to major events like the World Cup.

  Sports include soccer, baseball, rugby, badminton, tennis, ice hockey, American football, Aussie rules, futsal, boxing, stock car racing, and many others. The odds on sports fixtures are very competitive at Lucky Block.


  Unlike Stake, Lucky Block offers over a dozen esports as well. This includes Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, NBA 2K, League of Legends, eCricket, Arena of Valor, eSoccer, and more. This casino is offering all new players who register 15% cashback after seven days of playing. 

  This means that if the player incurs any losses in the first week of betting, Lucky Block will refund them 15% on day eight. Notably, many players in the UK and US get around the geo-restrictions at Lucky Block by using a VPN.

  Lucky Block has its own token and it’s a contender for the best cryptocurrency to buy right now. This is called LBLOCK and within two weeks of its ICO, it hit a market capitalization of $1 billion. As of writing, players who register with the Lucky Block casino and deposit $1 will be entered into the $10,000 LBLOCK airdrop.

  That concludes this thorough Stake casino review. We’ve covered everything a player would need to know before signing up. This included betting markets, promotional offers, ease of use, and more.

  This review found that Lucky Block is superior to Stake in more ways than one. The platform is more competitive on the sports betting side of things and also offers players a much wider variety of table games like video poker and blackjack. 

  Furthermore, as a welcome to the casino, players can claim 15% cashback on losses over the first week of betting. Players can register and deposit $1 for the chance to win $10,000 worth of LBLOCK too.

  Is Stake a good casino?This guide found that Stake is a good casino. It holds a Curacao eGaming license, and offers a variety of promotions and bonuses. It also features a range of different casino games, live dealers, slots, and a sportsbook. A much better alternative, however, is the Lucky Block casino.

  Can you get real money from Stake?Players at Stake will need to withdraw winnings in cryptocurrencies. Lucky Block is a great alternative that accepts a range of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat e-wallets, credit cards, and wire transfers.

  Which country is best for Stake casino?Austria, Germany, and Canada are among the best crypto cricket bettingAustralia vs South Africa 1st Test Predictions & Tips – More big runs tipped for Labuschagne best locations for Stake casino. As such, many players from the UK and other regions opt to use a VPN service to hide their IP address and bypass location restrictions.

  Is Stake casino legal?Yes. Stake casino is legal. The platform is a member of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, in addition to holding a Curacao eGaming license. As such, players can use Stake knowing that the platform is legitimate. 


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