Atanu Das came up with one of his biggest Olympic performances

Atanu Das

Tokyo Olympics: Cheered on by Deepika Kumari. At the Yumenoshima final Field. Atanu Das came up with one of his greatest Olympic exhibitions. As he vanquished Korea’s London Olympic gold medalist. Oh, Jinheyk 6-5 in a thriller to reach the Men’s Person Archery Round of 16.

Atanu Das came up with a staggering exertion. Within the Men’s Person Recursive Arrow-based weaponry. On Thursday, shocking Korean awesome. And London Olympic gold medalist Gracious Jinhyek reaches. The Circular of 16 at the Tokyo Olympics. Atanu came through two tense matches. As he put behind the dissatisfaction of the men’s group occasion. To grandstand his lesson at the Yumenoshima Final Field in Tokyo.

Atanu Das came up with one of his biggest Olympic performances

Deepika Kumari

Cheered on by World No. 1 and his spouse Deepika Kumari. Atanu Das hit the bullseye to dispose of Goodness Jinhyek. In a nerve-wracking shoot-off in his Circular of 32 matches. That was tied at 5-5 at the end of 5 sets. Atanu Das will take on Japan’s Takaharu Furukawa. In his Round of 16 coordinate on Saturday.

Deepika will be inactivity for her Round of 16 matches. Within the Women’s Person Recurve. On Friday and Atanu is likely to return the support. As bolster staff and individual competitors have. Then moreover taken up the role of cheerleaders. Within the absence of fans at the Olympic Games.

Atanu Das got off to a conventional begin hitting 2 8s. With his first two bolts against Korea’s previous Olympic winner Goodness. Strikingly, the 39-year-old Korean awesome had won the Men’s Group. And gold medal a couple of days ago in Tokyo. Oh fixed the first set 26-25. And Atanu had to play catch-up.

However, Atanu dealt with the weight well. Shooting a string of 7 bolts in 9 to tie the 2nd and 3rd sets. It was within the fourth set of the match. That Atanu got his to begin with 10. And he did so to seal the 4th set 27-22. Oh uniquely hit a 7. The tension held the field in Tokyo as Deepika was cheering on Atanu. There were many pieces of counsel as well drifting from the stands. And Atanu was a blast on the final set, finding 10, 9, and 9. It was matched by Goodness and the coordinate wrapped up as a tie at 5-5.

Atanu Das came up with one of his biggest Olympic performances

Yu-Cheng Deng

In the shoot-off, Oh went to first hit a 9. Also, Atanu required a 10 to seal. Also, the match and he got one. Prior to the day, Atanu survived another thriller. This time against Chinese Taipei’s Yu-Cheng Deng. Within the Round of 64 coordinate which he won 6-4.

Atanu has come back solid. From the disappointments of the group event prior to this week. Atanu, the highest-ranked Indian male recurve bowman. It wrapped up behind Pravin Jadhav within the Positioning Round. Therefore missed out on the Mixe Group compartment. Lastly, he had an off-day within the Men’s Group event as India left the competition early.

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