Virat Kohli said Ben Stokes has a 3-week-long mental health break

While focusing on the significance of periodic breaks. Especially within the times of bio-bubbles. Virat Kohli said the 3-week-long break for India cricketers. It came at the right time in England.

India captain Virat Kohli on Tuesday heated Ben Stokes’s choice. To require an uncertain break. To prioritize mental well-being, saying it’s important. For competitors to require intermittent breaks. Kohli’s comments came indeed. As the significance of taking care of one’s mental health. It has come into the spotlight amid strong choices. From the likes of Stokes, Simone Bies, and Naomi Osaka.

Virat Kohli said Ben Stokes has a 3-week-long mental health break

Glenn Maxwell

Virat Kohli, who had praised Glenn Maxwell. Within the past for opening up. About mental health, pointed out that life. In bio-bubble in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic is not simple.

Ben Stokes pulled out of the high-profile 5-Test series. In between India and England. It is to begin on August 4, in the arrangement. To require care of his mental health.

Kohli said that the break had come for India players. In July was a much-needed distraction. India players and back staff were allowed 3 weeks of break. Between the completion of the World Test Championship. In June and the beginning of the England arrangement in August.

Virat Kohli said Ben Stokes has a 3-week-long mental health break

Ben Stokes

“Periodic breaks are vital for the players. I’m sure more players will take breaks. Like Ben Stokes has, fair to cope with this tough bubble life. I think this break within the past month came. At the right time for me,” Virat Kohli said. Moreover, addressing the press on the eve of the 1st Test in Nottingham.

Legendary India batsman Sunil Gavaskar had too touched. Upon Ben Stokes’s choice when he interacted. With the press earlier this week. Gavaskar said it would be helpful for others. In case the England all-rounder depicted his issue.

“In case Stokes may come out. And say the typical reasons for it. Then it will help a lot of younger players. To those who experience the same circumstance. They would think it’s not fair to them. And even an incredible player like Stokes is confronting. The same difficult circumstance as these.

“When you just say mental health, it’s a general issue, so I hope somebody would be able to pinpoint the reason and that will certainly help the others,” Gavaskar said.

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