Travis Head thanks Pat Cummins for allowing him to play his own game in the Ashes 2021-22.

Travis Head thanks Pat Cummins for allowing him to play his own game in the Ashes 2021-22.

In the Ashes 2021-22, Travis Head received two player of the match honors.

The Ashes 2021-22 has come to a close, with Australia winning by a comfortable 4-0 margin. Despite being the last man picked for the Gabba Test. Travis Head went on to win the player of the series award five matches later.

In addition, Head had the most runs (357) in the series. Despite the presence of several world-class cricketers, he emerged as the best player of the five-match Test series, making his performances even more noteworthy. The 28-year-old, on the other hand, hailed his captain, Pat Cummins, for giving him the confidence to go out and play freely.

It should be remembered that this was the Aussie pacer’s first assignment as Australia’s captain. Head, on the other hand, gave him credit for enabling him to play his natural game. The batter also mentioned Cummins’ confidence in him.

This was the Australian pacer’s first assignment as skipper. Head, on the other hand, praised him for letting him play his natural game. Cummins’ faith in the batter was also highlighted by the batter.

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Travis Head: Pat’s giving me the confidence to go out and play

“Pat gives me the courage to go out and play,” says the player. He alluded to the game [against India in 2018] at Optus Stadium. Look, if you take the game on and get caught at third man a couple of times while playing the proper way, it’s no big deal to him, and he fully supports me. As reported by ESPNcricinfo, “That maybe gave me the confidence going into the series to be myself and play the situation as I see it.”

The middle-order batter, on the other hand, emphasized that he hasn’t been allowed to play rashly. He then went on to talk about a time in his life when he wasn’t satisfied with how he was being discarded. In addition, the southpaw discussed his dismissal in the MCG Test.

“I went through a stage where I realized dismissals might not look good. And I might get caught at third man or flap at a bowler, which I certainly don’t want to do.” As a batter, my tendency is to fling my hands into the ball if I nicked it since it hasn’t touched my bat and it’s a mistake, and I want to catch the moment as such, which isn’t attractive.

“I was dissatisfied with my shot in Melbourne. Because I nicked it and exaggerated it to make it appear a little worse.” He explained. “But I try to work incredibly hard on it.”

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