Tokyo doused and its Olympic flame in a ceremony on Sunday

Tokyo doused its Olympic fire in a ceremony. On Sunday that resounded the restraint of Games that played out. Without spectators and were characterized and changed by the global pandemic. And astonishing sport, and deeply individual turmoil.

Firecrackers lit up the night sky over Tokyo doused. On Sunday as Japan soaked its Olympic fire and closed the Games. They were almost unravel by the coronavirus widespread.

“Competitors went faster, went higher. And were stronger since they all stood together in solidarity. You motivated us with this unified image of the sport. And it was indeed more remarkable. Since of what you confronted within the pandemic. For the first time since the pandemic, the world came together. Individuals were united by feeling, sharing minutes of joy and inspiration.

Tokyo doused and its Olympic flame in a ceremony on Sunday

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“This gives us trust, this gives us confidence in the future. The Olympic Games of Tokyo were the Olympic Games of trust, solidarity, and peace. You the Japanese individuals can be greatly glad of what you accomplished. On behalf of all the athletes we say thank you, Tokyo, thank you, Japan.”

It was an appropriately odd closing to a Game. That was top by the pandemic. And after that changed by the show of administrative issues, sport, and personal turmoil.The Tokyo Olympics were initially intends to show Japan’s recovery from a destroying earthquake, tidal wave, and atomic crisis in 2011.

It was also in checked contrast to the distance. More festive stop scene that played out in Paris. There are several thousand sports fans waving the tricolor. Hail thronged into a fan zone over the stream from the Eiffel Tower. As the French capital prepared to take the Olympic baton from Tokyo for the 2024 Games.

After being delay for a year. Organizers said the games would serve as an image of the world’s triumph, over the pandemic. Held without onlookers and with COVID-19 variations resurgent. The Games fell brief of triumph and the money-related fortune Japan first looking for.

Instead, the have country is saddled with a $15 billion charge. Then double what it at first anticipated. And with no traveler boom to offset it.

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