T20 World Cup 2022: Rohit Sharma’s injury concerns before playing England in the semifinals

T20 World Cup 2022: Rohit Sharma’s injury concerns before playing England in the semifinals. After taking the blow, Sharma chose to skip practice, but he later went back and batted comfortably.

In what appears to be a big setback. India captain Rohit Sharma alleged hurt his forearm. It was during a net workout before their crucial semifinal matchup. Against England at the Adelaide Oval on November 10 is schedule to take place.

The report also states that a large ice pack was fasten to his right arm, which received the impact. Sharma then made the decision to skip the training session. And continued to observe it from the sidelines before joining in. The “Hitman,” however, appear to be quite uncomfortable.

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In the nets, Rohit Sharma gets a forearm injury.

As part of the routine practice sessions, Rohit Sharma was pit against S Raghu, the Indian team’s throwdown specialist, at the Adelaide Oval. During the session, the Indian captain was injure on his right forearm by a short ball that abruptly leap off the length area.

The injury occurred after Sharma, who was trying his iconic pull shot, missed the ball. He stop using the internet right away since he appeared to be in great discomfort.

However, Sharma did start training after applying an ice pack and taking a little time to recover. He simply used defensive shots to see whether his hand mobility was okay because it was suggest that he not put too much strain on himself while practicing.

The Indian medical team will examine Rohit Sharma to determine the degree of the injury, which will shed further light on the situation.

It is now unknown whether the injury will cause him to miss the semifinal match against England or if he will fully heal in time for the elimination round. India will be hoping for the best when they play the Three Lions for a spot in the championship game.

India and England will meet for the first time in a World Cup quarterfinal match after a 35-year absence. The last time it occurred was at the Wankhede Stadium during the semifinal of the 1987 World Cup.

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