Smoking Ban in Tribal Casino wins the support of Las Vegas

Going smoke-free inside casinos. Makes a difference with worker wellness. Also does not harm the bottom line, agreeing to panelists at a tribal casino event in Las Vegas. Clinton Isham, an Americans for Nonsmokers Rights’ Establishment expert. They worked with the Ho-Chunk tribe in Wisconsin in going smoke-free in 2015. He said an initial falloff in casino income. It will long turn into a positive cash flow. Agreeing to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“After two to three months of declines after the change, we had an unbelievable increase for three to four months,” Isham said.

Smoking Ban in Tribal Casino wins the support of Las Vegas

Clinton Isham

Clinton Isham was one of four panelists. On Tuesday in a casino-smoking session. At the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention. The newspapers detailed. The occasion, facilitated by the National Indian Gaming Association. Held at Caesars Forum east of the Las Vegas Strip. The panelist Terry Savage, said workers like in a smoke-free environment. Therefore he is the official chief of tribal enterprises. For the Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa Indians.

Smoking Ban in Tribal Casino wins the support of Las Vegas

Terry Savage

A lot of the employees were scared about COVID and wondered what would happen to their jobs if smoking were banned,” he said. “Once the change was made, Also the air quality improved in the casino and employees were happier.”

Savage said data from the casino’s constancy program. That appears the lowest-rated players are the ones who complain a lot about not being able to smoke. Also, Casino smoking bans have gotten to be a hot topic. Around the nation, from New Jersey to Nevada.

In similarly, Louisiana, the Shreveport City County. In the final week shot down an effort to permit smoking. Within the city’s two riverboat casinos. Councilman James Furry said Shreveport casino workers would lose employments. Also in the event that customers who smoke take their cash to gambling halls in Bossier City, over the Red River Committee. The racked Flurry’s arrangement to allow smoking in Shreveport casinos.

Raegan Carter of Smoke-free Louisiana said. It is “insidious and insensitive” to suggest smoking bans. However, it will cause the laborers to lose their jobs.

“This is perpetuated by a multimillion-dollar industry. That apparently cares more about draining money. From its customers than protecting its own employees.” she said.

Lastly, a smoking ban at Shreveport casinos will be possible on Aug. 1.


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