Sjoerd Marijne says “proves dreams can come true”

India women’s hockey group head coach. Sjoerd Marijne said that he needed the players to be glad of themselves. Regardless of which way their Tokyo Olympics. And the quarter-final against Australia went. India was playing within the quarter-finals of the Olympics. For the primary time in their history. And they finished up beating World No.3 Australia to reach the semi-finals.

“After we qualified for the quarters. I told the group about the significance of being in the minute. And not thinking approximately what-ifs. Which is very difficult for a competitor. There are numerous things that are always playing in your intellect. Things like what if we win, what in case we do not win.

Moreover, if I do not halt the ball. So what I did appears the group a movie. and the film is almost remaining within the minute. Also, I think that made an enormous difference in this coordinate. Against Australia,” Marijne told India Today.

The Covid-19 pandemic had extremely influenced. The women’s group preparations going into the Olympics. Marijne said that he and his staff kept telling. The players improve with each practice match.

Sjoerd Marijne says  "proves dreams can come true"

Sjoerd Marijne in Tokyo Olympics 2020

“We didn’t have a lot of domestic matches before the Olympics. So we kept telling the young ladies. To create strides with each facility. We focussed on each individual moving forward with her execution. If the person presentations are better. At that point, the execution of the gather will be better.

We knew that we had to learn from each match. That we play since we didn’t have a part in the games. Then driving into the competition. After we misplaced 1-5 to the Netherlands. It looked as if everything was smashed, it wasn’t. We only needed to create a few little advancements,” said Marijne.

India is ranked seventh on the world rankings. While Australia, which has the joint-most noteworthy number of gold awards. In women’s hockey, is position third. And was one of the top choices to win gold. Marijne said that this implied the weight was more on Australia. Lastly, he inquired his group to play freely.

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