Shane Warne says “They’ve been robbed”

Captains should be given a one-match punishment around the world, according to Shane Warne. If their bowling unit consistently fails to complete the required number of overs on time. England struggled to finish the requisite 90 overs on the first day of the Adelaide Test, prompting Warne’s comments. England has penalized a total of one hundred percent of its match expenses. Aside from being docked five ICC WTC points for failing to complete the requisite quota of overs on the second day of the Gabba Test, they were also docked five ICC WTC points. On Fox Cricket, Warne called for a Test ban for the captain. He feels that monetary penalties for low over-rates are ineffective.

“I am a member of the World Cricket Committee, and we frequently discuss the over-rate issue and the proper penalties.” Many of us on the committee have discussed not imposing a fine for over-rates, but the captain will be absent for the next game. Because the financial penalties for not bowling your overs on time don’t seem to be working, and they haven’t worked in a long time,” Shane Warne said.

“The entire England squad was fined their entire match money in the first Test, and they’re still miles behind in this match.” What about the people who paid good money to see a full day of 90-over cricket at the Gabba? They’ve been taken advantage of. You see them go through the overs if the captain doesn’t play the following Test and you don’t bowl your overs on time,” Warne added.

Shane Warne says "They’ve been robbed"

Joe Root

Furthermore, on an opening day, England bowled 89 overs. With captain Joe Root inserting himself into the attack to run through the overs. Meanwhile, Root’s technique of bowling negative life. And then running through overs was slammed by Mark Taylor. Also, in the aftermath of the over-rate issue. In rather than relying on his specialized bowlers to pick up a wicket or two.

“He has brought himself on now and he’s bowling in at leg stump or down. Also, the leg side just to get through these overs. How about getting a wicket or two and then taking the new ball? I think the tactics are terrible, they stink,” Mark Taylor said.

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