Rupinder Pal Singh said “Indian women’s hockey is the inspiration for men”

Rupinder Buddy Singh said that the exhibitions were put in by the Indian women’s hockey groups. They were a source of motivation for the men. Those who went on to win India’s first Olympic hockey decoration in 41 years.

Both the men’s and women’s hockey groups. Also, endured unstable starts to the Tokyo Olympics. But they finished up breaking barriers. And setting milestones towards the end of it.

Rupinder Pal Singh said "Indian women's hockey is the inspiration for men"

Rani Rampal

Whereas women’s captain Rani Rampal. They had prior said that the group took inspiration. Also, out of the way the men played in their tournament. Moreover, men’s group drag-flicker and shield. Rupinder Pal Singh said that the exhibitions of their female partners had a comparable impact on them.

In meetings, we utilized to conversation almost it. Also, that we ought to play just like the young ladies. They misplaced the first three recreations and still came back. Played the quarter-finals and semi-finals. That truly inspired us to do well, Rupinder said.

The Indian women’s group began the competition with a 1-5. Overcome to inevitable gold medallists the Netherlands. Also, taken after by a 0-2 defeat to Germany and a 1-4 overcome. To Rio 2016 gold medallists Great Britain.

But they then followed that up with three sequential wins. Also, two of them got a first-ever Olympic knockout spot. The final of those wins came to be termed as one of the greatest. Also, upsets of the Tokyo Olympics. When they beat the gold medal top choices. Australia 1-0 and come to the semi-finals.

Rupinder Pal Singh said "Indian women's hockey is the inspiration for men"

Graham Reid

Men’s coach Graham Reid also said that there was a part of an exchange of data. Between the two teams all through the tournament. There was a part of cross-pollination between the groups.

We had the 13th floor of the lodging, As well as we had the 12th floor. They were continually in contact with them. Moreover, a few of the coaching staff also shared. The same few rooms, it was lovely great, he said.

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