Rani Rampal says “The men’s, women’s hockey teams inspire each”

Rani Rampal said that both the men’s and women’s hockey groups. They have improved a part within the final 5-6 years. Also, motivates each other to do better all the time.

The Indian men’s and women’s hockey groups motivate each other. They have both improved apart over the last five to six years, Women’s captain Rani Rampal said. Whereas the women’s group equaled their best-ever finish at an Olympics in Tokyo. The men’s group won India’s first Games medal in the sport in 41 years.

Rani Rampal says "The men's, women's hockey teams inspire each"

Rani Rampal

In the last five to six years, both teams have improved a lot and we are both inspirations for each other. There is no competition between us but we really inspire each other, Rani said.

At the Oi Hockey Stadium, which facilitated the hockey matches. In the midst of the Tokyo Olympics, both bunches may be seen supporting each other during matches.

After winning the medal they came and watched our match. Because they had hope for us and a desire to support the women’s team. That shows their sportsmanship, that you are supporting the other team as well, Rani Rampal said.

Rani Rampal says "The men's, women's hockey teams inspire each"

Sports Authority of India

Seven individuals of the group. It is counting that Rani had tested positive for Covid-19 in April this year. The 26-year-old credited the work as a staff. At the Sports Authority of India’s Bengaluru center. Where the team was camping, helping the players get back to full fitness for the Olympics.

Many of our players were tested positive before. We left for Tokyo and were isolated area. That’s a really troublesome period for an athlete. To remain in quarantine for 14 days without truly being able to do anything. But the coaches and the staff SAI Bengaluru made a difference and supported us apart, Rani said.

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