Rahul Dravid on Virat Kohli: He’s “On the Right Side of 30”

Rahul Dravid on Virat Kohli: He’s “On the Right Side of 30” who praised his fitness and work ethic.

Team India head coach Rahul Dravid dismissed concerns about Virat Kohli’s age and fitness, saying the star batter is “doing what he needs to do” to break out of his slump. Kohli has not scored a century in international cricket since November of this year, but Dravid insists that he only wants “match-winning contributions” from the 33-year-old, which do not have to be in the form of hundreds. He also stated that Kohli’s poor form is not the result of a lack of motivation.

“When you say he’s on the wrong side of 30, I have to disagree. He’s probably around 30 years old, in my opinion “Dravid said this during a press conference ahead of the rescheduled fifth Test against England.

“I think he’s a really fit guy. He is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. His yearning and hunger. His entire attitude toward himself, his preparation, and even the way he just played the game at Leicester, batting in those conditions and scoring the kind of 50, 60 that he did, was admirable “Dravid stated.

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Kohli scored 33 and 67 during India’s tour game against Leicestershire, and he appeared to be in good form.

“He was eager to bat against Bumrah and the rest of the team. So, I believe he is checking all the boxes. He’s doing what he needs to do to get out of it “Dravid stated.

“As players, you go through these stages. I don’t believe you need motivation to be completely honest. Don’t think it’s a lack of motivation in Virat’s case. You go through phases like this from time to time. Sometime you bat well…not it’s so much about concentrating on those three figures, but even a 70 on a difficult wicket in Cape Town…when we played there, I thought that was a very good innings “He stated.

Earlier this year, during India’s tour of South Africa, Kohli scored a tough 79 in Cape Town.

“It wasn’t a three-figure score, but it was a good score,” Dravid said.

“Obviously, a guy like him, the kind of standard that he set, the number of hundreds that he scored, people only see hundred as a success,” he said of Kohli’s high standard.

“From a coaching standpoint, we only want contributions from him, match-winning contributions, whether that’s a 50 or a 60 on a wicket like that. Maybe tomorrow’s wicket, a 60 or a 70, will be a match-winning performance, or maybe not; we might need a big score for him. But, from our perspective, there isn’t a lot of emphasis on three figures and whether he gets it or not “Dravid stated.

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